Toronto to Expand Sidewalk Snow Clearing Across the City Next Winter

Toronto has announced that it plans to expand sidewalk snow clearing across the city.

Toronto has about 7,300 km of sidewalk.

The city of Toronto already clears snow from sidewalks in North York, Scarborough, and Etobicoke. The service is being expanded to all of Toronto including Old Toronto and East York where smaller sidewalks prevented larger mechanical sidewalk plow from successfully clearing the snow.


The city has since purchased smaller snow plows and successfully cleared sidewalks through a pilot program over the last two winters. The city staff have determined that tested smaller plows could clear approximately 91 per cent of sidewalks in Toronto. The remaining nine per cent of sidewalks would be cleared manually by City workers.


Smaller Snow Plows, City of Toronto

Announcing the expansion, Mayor Tory said, “Providing city-wide sidewalk snow clearing is the right thing to do and we are able to proceed thanks to the diligent work of City staff. This will mean that when the snow starts to fall this winter, all 7,300 kilometres of sidewalk in Toronto will be cleared by the city. We found a way to do this thanks to new technology and also a comprehensive study of the City’s sidewalks so we had on the ground data – this was the right and responsible thing to do.”

The report will be considered by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee on May 25 and then by City Council on June 8 and 9. Once approved all 103,626 households will now receive snow clearing service this coming winter.


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