Blue Rodeo

June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021




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Jim Beam Presents Live From Inside,

After over 30 years together, a Canadian Music Hall of Fame induction, and more than a few songs that have reached anthemic status, how can one band remain as vibrant and consistently relevant as Blue Rodeo? Anyone who has ever seen the band (and, at this point, that’s got to be at least 3/4 of Canadians) knows that it’s the magic in the relationship between co-leaders Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy — the way the two musicians sing together, interact on stage, and generously lift each other’s songs represents the most rare of musical partnerships. That Cuddy/Keelor chemistry is undeniable, which is why Blue Rodeo’s popularity has never been defined by generation or genre: they are the closest thing Canada have to a national house band.

Of course, Cuddy and Keelor don’t pull off this magic trick on their own: bass player Bazil Donovan has been with them since Blue Rodeo’s birth and most of the rest of the players have been part of the fold for a decade (or two), making for a resoundingly solid on-stage crew. Whether they’re playing crowd favourites like “Lost Together” or “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” the effortless camaraderie among the members shines strong. A working band that just happens to also be a national treasure, basking in the glow of a Blue Rodeo performance is not only an out-and-out pleasure, but a distinctively Canadian pastime.




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Friday, June 11, 2021

Pre Show – 8:30PM EST
Showtime – 9PM EST



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