10 Places to See Public Art in Edmonton


Mural by PichiAvo; Photo by: Kevin Tuong/Rust magic

Edmonton’s vibrant art scene doesn’t limit itself to gallery walls and hands-off pieces. The city’s public art scene encourages everyone to get up close and personal with murals, sculptures, and more.


1. Crawford Block Mural

This six-storey mural, featuring a human body with the head of a dog, painted in bright, geometric shapes, not only brightens up Old Strathcona, it’s sure to catch your eye. The art is by Okuda San Miguel and was painted as part of Rust Magic International Street Mural Festival.


Credit: Rust Magic

2C6, 10319 83 Ave NW, Edmonton

If you like murals, then there are many painted around Edmonton as part of the initiative by Rust Magic, like the ones painted by Spanish duo from Valencia, PichiAvo on the south facing wall of Jefferson Lofts in Edmonton Downtown. This is the largest street art mural in Edmonton. You check them all out using the map here.

2. Dove of Peace


Standing in the spot where Pope John Paul II stood to deliver his greetings in 1984, this iconic structure represents an important historic event for the city. With its 56-foot wingspan, the Dove sits in one of Edmonton’s sought after viewpoints.

Gallagher Park, Edmonton


3. ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) – Queen Elizabeth Park



Preparing to Cross the Sacred River by Marianne Nicolson / photo by Brad Crowfoot Photography

Pronounced EE-NU, but perhaps better known as the Indigenous Art Park, features the work of six Canadian Indigenous artists, whose unique works were selected to “tell the story of this place.” The park features art by Mary Anne Barkhouse (Reign), Duane Linklater (mikikwan), Amy Malbeuf (iskotew), Marianne Nicolson (Preparing to Cross the Sacred River), Tiffany Shaw-Collinge (pehonan), and Jerry Whitehead (mamohkamatowin – Helping Each Other).

4. Still Life


Credit: Image: DCMPhotography.ca

Each of the colourful statues that make up this piece catch the eye of those passing by. A banana, a picture frame, a bowl, some grapes… They’re spaced far enough apart to wander between. But from one specific vantage point, they all line up together to become the classic painting: a bowl of fruit.

Grant MacEwan LRT Station

5. Borden Park


Borden Park Pavilion

Borden Park is quickly becoming known as the Art Park. And, with good reason. From the modernist steel sculptures to the colourful Vaulted Willows sculpture, the park sets works of art against the natural landscape.

6. Pillars of the Community


Edmonton-based artists Layla Folkmann and Lacey Jane Wilburn came together to create a mural showcasing the urban landscape of the city. The large faces depicted span from youth to elders of varying backgrounds, aiming to show how we are all connected.

LRT Vent 102 Street and 105 Avenue

7. New Life… New Beginnings


Credit: City of Edmonton

Arguably one of Edmonton’s most visited statues, the bronze sculpture depicts a mother playing with her small child, celebrating playfulness and the bond of family.

William Hawrelak Park, Edmonton

8. Calder Community Mosaic

Over 7,500 triangular glass tiles were carefully selected and arranged in a mosaic that was developed with input from over 200 people. The work represents the Alberta landscape through traditional motifs.

Calder Library

9. Edmonton: Aspects of History


The ten textile artworks in this series show different stages of Edmonton’s history – from the bison who used to roam to the Alberta Legislature Building defining the city skyline – with bold colours, distinct shapes, and a variety of mixed materials.

Edmonton City Hall

10. Talus Dome

It’s likely the most controversial public art piece in Edmonton. And at $600,000, the most expensive. The massive pile of roughly 1,000 silver balls catches the eye against the backdrop of the river valley – and it gets people talking about the importance of public art.

Quesnell Bridge/Whitemud Drive, Edmonton

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