Blockchain Revolution Global announces Premiere 2019 event in Toronto

Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) — co-presented by the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) and MCI Group has announced the first of a series of global congresses in Toronto.

BRG focuses on blockchain’s transformation of enterprises, governments and industries. It will showcase inspiring talks, provocative and thoughtful sessions and “brain dates” featuring a roster of global CEOs, practitioners and BRI researchers led by the renowned worldwide thought leaders on blockchain, Don and Alex Tapscott. Unique in design, a 360 degree stage will create the most integrated and collaborative experience between brands and leaders from 20+ industries, all discussing vertical and horizontal transformations for the global enterprise and government blockchain community.


About the event
The BRG event will feature keynote speakers and content from CEOs from Fortune 500 companies. Today we announce an initial group of speakers who are prominent blockchain experts: Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, co-founders of BRI, Bettina Warburg, co-founder of Animal Ventures, Brian Behlendorf, executive director of The Hyperledger Project, Perianne Boring, president, Chamber of Digital Commerce, Ron Resnick, executive director, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Joseph Lubin, co-founder, ConsenSys. Speakers who lead global corporations and governments will be announced in the weeks ahead.

A key highlight at BRG will be the findings of blockchain research projects from the BRI, who is undertaking the definitive investigation into the technology’s strategy, use-cases, implementation challenges and organizational transformations. With a focus on transformational case studies and practical implementations, the event is designed for the C-Suite and high level decision makers in enterprise and government.

WHEN: April 24 – 25, 2019

WHERE: Metro Toronto Convention Centre , Toronto

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