Stampede 2020

July 11, 2020

July 12, 2020

$22.23 - $22.23

Tool Shed Brewing Company, 801 30 Street Northeast, Calgary

Events Description

Come celebrate Stampede 2020 at Tool Shed Brewing Co.!

‘Rona has cancelled the big one. So what? Come celebrate Stampede with us this year at Tool Shed Brewing Co.! Please arrive on time! Brisket and burgers will be provided for dinner (included with the price of admission), and a toonie bar will be set up all night, with your choice of beer, twisted tea, white claws, & shots of Pink Whitney.

Ladies – cowboy boots, jeans (or perhaps a jean skirt) and a plaid shirt is the only combo. A cowboy hat is not a must, but it’s a great addition to any outfit. At the end of the day, wear something comfortable, because Stampeding is more like a marathon than a sprint.

Gentlemen – strap on some cowboy boots, Levi’s, a statement belt buckle, a plaid shirt, and last (but certainly not least), don’t forget your cowboy hat, because you can’t Stampede with Guterson and not complete a luge run. (My interpretation of Covid rules suggest that we may not share sleds this year).

I know we initially planned to hold this outside, but after further input from a number of you, holding it in a controlled environment seems to be the best option. Tool Shed has a great event room that is ours for the night. Now we don’t have to worry about an afternoon thundershower or rain cancelling the party; now we don’t have to worry about an upset neighbor calling the police to complain about noise or about too many people together; now we have a central location which is close to downtown!

Claire is going to deck the room with Stampede decor, and we have a live band coming to play a set for an hour! Drinking games and everything else we planned to do is still a go. The price of admission is to cover the cost of the event room and to pay for the food of which Claire and I are preparing beforehand! Enough alcohol will be on-site, so please don’t bring your own! $2 / drink during Stampede is as good as it gets!

Attendance will be capped at 90 people, which is 50% of the capacity of the room, to ensure we’re in compliance with AHS’s covid rules.

If there is any profit made (which i suspect there won’t be), it will be donated to charity!

See everyone on July 11th!

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Tickets :$22.23 – $22.23

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Date & Time:

Saturday, July 11, 2020, 6:00 PM to Sunday, July 12, 2020, 12:00 AM


Tool Shed Brewing Company, 801 30 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2A 5L7

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