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52.607322, -114.056382

Year round

About Gull Lake Alberta

Named after the large population of gulls found near the lake, Gull Lake is a large shallow lake with a catchment area of 206 sq. km, located west of the City of Lacombe in the counties of Ponoka and Lacombe.

Gull Lake is a popular recreational lake with sandy beaches. Aspen Beach Provincial Park is located on the southwest shore of Gull Lake.

The oldest Summer Village in Alberta, the Summer Village of Gull Lake is located on its south shore. The water level of the Lake is maintained (if declines) by pumping water from Blindman River through a pipeline and canal.

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What to do at Gull Lake?

Things to do at Gull Lake Alberta

1. Enjoy a beach day at the sandy shores.

2. Sport fishing -The most sought-after fish are walleye and northern pike. Ice fishing in winter.

3. Sailing, power boating, and windsurfing.

Who all can go and enjoy ? -All


When to go to Gull Lake?

Gull Lake Alberta Hours

Year round – Sunlight hours Recommended

Fishing hours Gull Lake

-See here

Apr. 1 to May 19 and Nov. 1 to Dec. 10 – Closed
May 20 to Oct. 31 and Dec. 11 to Mar. 31 – Walleye limit 0; Pike limit 3 over 63 cm; Perch limit 5; Lake Whitefish limit 5; Burbot limit 3.

Gull Lake’s Diversion Canal located in 34,35,36-40-1-W5 – Closed

How much will it cost to see Gull Lake?



How to get to Gull Lake ?

Location & Directions to Gull Lake

Gull Lake is situated between the cities of Edmonton and Calgary.

The Lake can be accessed from both east & west sides. To get to the Lake, travel on Highway 2 to Lacombe, from Edmonton or Calgary and then turn west on Highway 12 and drive for approximately 15 km.

Click on the coordinates to get directions using google map.

GPS location (west) Parkland beach : +52.607322,-114.056382/ +52° 36′ 25.82″, -114° 3′ 31.68″

GPS location (east) Wilson’s Beach Campground : 52.526823,-113.942742 / +52° 31′ 36.98″, -113° 56′ 32.60″

Following gives the map developed by Friends of Gull Lake.

View Friends of Gull Lake in a larger map

How long will it take to see Gull Lake?

Time Required to Visit Gull Lake – 2 hours atleast to enjoy the beach to a full day.

Amenities, Access & Parking at Gull Lake


Wheel chair accessible but sandy shores.

Free parking on site.

Campgrounds and accommodations near Gull Lake

See the above map by Friends of Gull Lake. One can find few campgrounds in it.

Aspen Beach Provincial Park Campgrounds- 646 sites, 2 areas – (more details )

Gull Lake Camp Retreat & Conference Centre – Site 1, Box 6, RR 3, Lacombe, T4L 2N3

Wilson’s Beach Campground – Box 12, Site 2B, R.R. #3, Lacombe, T4L 2N3

DeGraff’s Camp Resort – 120 sites , 50 overnight sites, RR3 Lacombe T4L 2N3 403-782-2193

Parkland RV Resort – 100 sites, – Box 125, Rimbey T0C 2J0 403 843-6222

Summerland Leisure and RV Park -30 sites,RR#1, Site 2, Box 36, Gull Lake, Lacombe, AB, T4L 2N1

Michener Park -57 sites – 5429-53 St. Lacombe T4L 1H8 403-782-1250

For more options for places to stay – see here

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  2. Louanna Bikharie

    Is it safe for kids to bathe in Gull Lake ? I read AHS said there’s fecal matter in the water.

    June 25, 2021 at 6:42 PM
    1. To Do Canada

      It was issued in 2020. There is no current active advisory according to the website–
      You can check here for Blue Green Algae Advisories

      June 25, 2021 at 7:10 PM

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