Miette Hot Springs

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Early May - Early October

Miette Hot Springs

Photo Credit: Parks Canada/Ben Morin

About Miette Hot Springs, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

The Mietter Hot Springs pool was built in 1919 by striking coal miners with logs and moss. As it became extremely popular with the local mining community of Pocohontas, a road and aqua court was constructed by 1938. Unstable rocks in surrounding areas and aging structure led to the closing of the aqua court in 1986. The current facility is located one km from the abandoned pool site.

The mineral water rich in sulfate, calcium and potassium is heated by the earth’s crush and the spring water has an average temperature of 54° C. The water is quality tested regularly and chlorine is added as part of health regulations. The water is cooled to a temperature between 37 ° C and 40 ° C. UnlikeBanff Upper Hot Springs, the hot springs flow has not stopped till date. The Miette Hot Springs consists of 2 large hot pools and two cooler pools.

What to do at Miette Hot Springs?

Choose from the four pools and enjoy a dip in the nature’s pool.

Relax after a day of sightseeing and watch the sunset over the Ashlar ridge.

Hike to the site of the old aqua court and see the source of the Hot springs.

Go for hikes along the many trails located near the Hot springs.

Lookout for Bighorn Sheep in the parking lot.

Miette Hot Springs in Winter


Miette Hot Springs Hike

Hike to Old Aqua Court : About a kilometre from the parking lot on the Utopia Pass Hiking trail. Interpretive displays stating the history of old Aqua court and remains of the old hotel can be found here. A short walk leads to the natural hot springs area.

Utopia Pass : This ~ 3km moderate hiking trail passes the old aqua court and passes through open meadows filled with wild flowers.

Sulphur Ridge The Sulphur Skyline hike : One of the most best trails in Jasper National Park, starts from the parking lot of Miette Hot Springs. This hike gains about 700m in elevation and is about 4 km. You will be rewarded with spectacular views of Sulphur skyline (views of Gravelly valley of the Fiddle River and Miette Range).

After the hike of your choosing, enjoy a relaxing soak in the Hot Springs pool.

How much to enjoy Miette Hot Springs?

Miette Hot Springs Admission/ Rates/ Fees/Prices

Adult (18-64): $7.21
Youth (3-17) :$6.29

Child (Under 3): Free
Senior (65+) :$6.29
(2 adults & 2 youth): $22.80

Day Pass & Season tickets also available.

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When to visit Miette Hot Springs?

Miette Hot Springs Hours

Open from Early May to Thanksgiving in October.

Closed due to COVID-19.

For any update – here

How to get to Miette Hot Springs?

Miette Hot Springs Location & Directions

Miette Hot Springs is located at the end of Miette Road, about 17 kms from the junction of Miette Road & Pocahontas Bungalows. From the town of Jasper, it is about 60 Kms (From Jasper, take YellowHead Highway and take right onto Miette Road).

For detailed directions, check the map tab(in-page directions) or click on the GPS coordinates.

GPS Coordinates : 53.12984, -117.772356

What about Miette Hot Springs amenities?

Parking available.

Wheel chair accessible.

Picnic tables.

Cafe. Gift Shop.

Dining & Accommodation

Miette Hot Springs lodge. Restaurant in the lodge.

Other Info

All visitors should take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.
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