undercurrents festival

February 6, 2019

February 16, 2019

PWYC to $32

Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa


Events Description

Produced by Ottawa Fringe. Our winter festival shows the best original, contemporary theatre being created by Ottawa performers and visiting artists.


Enter into one of Canada’s most unique environments… the hidden Latinx dance halls you’ve never heard of! Celebrated writer and performer Carmen Aguirre is joined by DJ Don Pedro to tell the hilarious stories of her experiences in these secret spaces. Daring, sexy, and fun, Carmen weaves stories of intimacy, politics, culture – and the forgotten origins of the salsa – into a public dance lesson that will have even the most reluctant dancer up on their feet.

Is a guide dog just a dog that works, or are they more than that? Kim Kilpatrick tells stories of the four guide dogs she has handled, accompanied by Karen Bailey’s paintings of the puppy she raised for Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind – guiding you on the journey from energetic puppy to working dog for the blind.

Daryl Conners is on a winning streak. His Junior A hockey team is racking up minor league records and is deemed unbeatable. The boys would do anything for him, their parents adore him, and the league has just named him “Coach of the Year.”
When a young man shows up unexpectedly at Daryl’s motel room late one night, Coach Conners must answer for his past and the lasting impact he’s had on his former players.

In a world where everyone can control electricity, what to make of a Boy whose power is out? Tired of being an unlit outsider, the Boy must journey through sea and sky, from deepest ocean to darkest space, to capture the brightest light there is – the Moon.
A play without words. An adventure for all ages.

Canadian punk band The Persistent Stain have been slogging it out on the independent music circuit – dive bars, basement clubs, small town arenas – for over 25 years. Thanks to their “hit” song Aristotle’s Dick making its way onto the soundtrack for a major motion picture, band members Joey Blank and Maxie Staines find themselves more popular than ever, but that’s not saying much. What do you do when you’ve followed your dream, but the dream is no longer enough?

Somewhere between two languages, between Hull and the Glebe, is a scream. A middle finger. An amused look. A love letter. A desire. A fresh start. An invitation.
A portrait of the national capital region – seen and told by Ottawa’s emerging and established artists. At times soft and subdued, at times a little rough around the edges. It is fun, it is colourful, it is us.
Presented in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Department of Theatre.

Shaista Latif is a storyteller who has been invited to tell a story.
She is a perpetual guest, and her time is limited.
So, she will be justifying her existence and building a live archive to mark her eventual disappearance.
This is her story. This is not Aladdin. Watch at your discretion.

Simon Douglas. He’s the guy who sits next to you on the bus, and won’t stop talking. About his friends back on the reserve. His mom and grandmother. His girlfriends. A man torn between two worlds, ride along with Simon and see the world through his eyes.
Staged on an OC Transpo bus and sold out across Canada – don’t miss this ride!


Tickets :

Single tickets: $20

Evening Pass: $32

Festival Pass: $100


The Persistent Stain, is Pay What You Can
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At the Arts Court Theatre
2 Daly Avenue, K1N 6E2


Date & Time:

Wednesday, February 06 to Saturday, February 16, 2019 – Schedule

Venue & Address :

Arts Court Theatre and Studio, and other Venues

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