Ten Best Places to Have Brunch in Regina


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Ten Best Places To Have Brunch In Regina

Regina has a number of places that offer outstanding brunch options, which makes navigating them a daunting prospect. We have compiled a list of 10 brunch options in Regina. Whether you favour savory, sweet, or in between, these options will satisfy your cravings. Be sure to hit one of these spots soon.


The Vintage Tea Room

If you haven’t stopped in at this little gem located on the northern end of Broad Street, you simply have to! Everything on the menu is incredibly delicious. It is British, and while the food might look a little foreign and intimidating to some, step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. We promise it’s well worth it. The soups and homemade biscuits are always guaranteed to make you a believer. You’ll find yourself coming back, time and time again. The desserts… wow. The desserts will leave you speechless. They are so good. Not only are they homemade, but also the kind of homemade that you taste once in a lifetime. Better than your mom’s. Don’t worry, we won’t tell her you thought so. The tea menu is incredible and delicious. Even if you’re not typically a tea drinker, you should give it a try. The Cream Earl Grey is phenomenal, and the tea is always served in a unique teapot with a cup, saucer, and tea cozy. Be sure to snatch some of the baggies of Welsh Cakes on the way out so you can snack on them all the way home. Vintage Tea Room

Fresh and Sweet

Truly one of the best downtown restaurants you’ll find, and one of the best, hands down, in the entire city, when it comes to a delicious brunch. The menu is creative, varied, and is always changing. The food definitely has that homemade taste that so many other places are often missing. The salads are incredible, the sandwiches are amazing, the soup is out of this world, and the desserts are always to die for. It can be tricky getting in for brunch on the weekends, but if you happen to find yourself downtown on a weekday, getting in around brunch hour is usually the best time, to beat the lunch crowd. Anything on the breakfast menu is equally as fabulous as the lunch offerings. If you’re a pancake or waffles lover especially, Fresh and Sweet is a must stop! For all your business or big party needs, Fresh and Sweet also caters! Fresh and Sweet


Photo Credit: Fresh and Sweet

Western Pizza

While most people might not immediately think of it as a brunch spot, if you’re craving savory, instead of sweet, stop in for home-style cooked comfort food that will satisfy even the fussiest foodie. The lunch menu is easy on the budget too, with lunch combos that will more than fill you up, all for around ten dollars. The soups are incredible, the Greek salad will seriously blow your mind (the dressing is SO GOOD on fries as well, so ask for a side if you remember), and anything on a skewer is delicious! The pizza is also hard to beat and the pasta is just as amazing. They do have really good dessert options too, though the portions are so big, you’ll want to ask for a box to get it to go. If you’re craving that extra bit of spice in the morning, try a virgin Caesar. They offer some of the tastiest in the city. Western Pizza

Mr. Breakfast Restaurant

Mr. Breakfast is seriously another one of those fabulous hot spots that the locals want to keep secret for themselves. Located on the northern part of Albert Street, it’s a quiet, unassuming blue building with a giant sign. However, there is nothing unassuming about the fare. Offering all-day breakfast, so you can enjoy brunch any time of the day, Mr. Breakfast boasts a menu that is going to please even the toughest breakfast critic. They even offer a selection of grilled bologna sandwiches. Yes. You heard that right. They are a MUST TRY! The pricing at the restaurant is fantastic, and the portions are massive. If you’re a breakfast lover, be sure to come back often. The menu is huge with so many delicious things to try, even if you’re not a fan of breakfast foods, you might just find yourself converted. Mr. Breakfast Restaurant

Breakfast Bistro Regina

This family-owned and operated restaurant is definitely a destination hotspot in the city, not just the East end. The breakfast menu is just about as creative as it can get while still sticking with the old favorites that everyone knows and loves. From a small fare to a full-on plate, you’ll be sure to love the unique combinations. If you enjoy the breakfast menu, be sure to come back and try something off the soups and salads, or burgers and sandwiches menu. With plenty of vegetarian and even gluten-free options on the menu, there really is something for everyone! Breakfast Bistro Regina

Peg’s Kitchen

Located on Park Street, this little gem is a Regina favorite. Featuring delicious breakfast choices or authentic Ukrainian cuisine, you’re sure to be pleased with each and every visit. The food is always fresh and has that home-cooked flavour and feel that so many people crave. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast or you want something a little heartier, give Peg’s a try. The borscht is out of this world and the pierogis are hard to beat anywhere. (Sorry mom!) If you’re hard-pressed for time or have a big event to plan, rock it like the food hero you are and hire Peg’s to cater. Peg’s Kitchen

Brewed Awakening (East End)

Brewed Awakening is one of those rare coffee shops in the city that is good at any time of day, but if you’re looking for a delicious drink to pick you up halfway through the morning and a sweet or savory side, be sure to stop in. The East location particularly offers a really great atmosphere, with a fireplace and art from local artists on the walls. The Matcha latte is incredible, brewed hot or blended cold. Seriously, you won’t find a better Matcha in Regina. The coffee is always great and many of the other drinks on the menu are simply unparalleled by other coffee shops around the city. The desserts and sandwiches are really good too, and they generally have options for just about every kind of diet under the sun, so you’ll be certain to find something you like. Brewed Awakening

Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner

This unique diner, nestled not far from downtown, offers vegetarian and vegan fare. Their unique dishes are sure to please even the toughest, meat-loving, veggie skeptic. If you think plants aren’t for you, you have to give this place an honest to goodness try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. The dishes are always inventive, beautiful, creative, and delicious. The soups especially are a must try and their desserts are mouth-watering. Their menu is always changing, so be sure to stop in often and give everything a try! The inside of the restaurant is charming and uniquely decorated with vintage items and original antique oil paintings, so the atmosphere is definitely as unique as the fare. Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner


Photo Credit: Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner

Casino Regina Show Lounge

Many in Regina countdown the days until Sunday, when the popular Sunday brunch happens in the show lounge at Casino Regina. While it might seem a little pricy at first glance, it’s seriously not. The buffet is AMAZING, with different offerings every single week. Some staples, like the omelette station, stay the same. You can walk right up and get a custom-made omelette cooked right in front of you! There is also a large lunch section if you’re not feeling breakfast, making it a true brunch spot. The brunch happens from 10 am until 2 pm so be sure to come and give it a try. You won’t be sorry you did. Casino Regina Show Lounge

13th Ave Food & Coffee House


Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Cathedral neighborhood, where the spires of the Cathedral rise iconically into the sky and almost every other building on the famous 13th Ave has a gorgeous mural painted on the side, the neighborhood where the arts come alive, is the fabulous 13th Ave Food & Coffee House. Offering some of the best and most unique palette-tingling, mouth-watering options in the city, you’ll be sure to find something you can rave about to your friends. If you haven’t stopped in, you simply must. With tons of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, the fare is friendly for most. The drinks are amazing too, so be sure to mash up a tantalizing hot beverage with your unique brunch. 13th Ave Food & Coffee House


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