Whitewater Rafting in Jasper National Park

Whitewater Rafting in Jasper

Photo Credit: Tourism Jasper

For those who are interested in having a bit more adventure than gazing up at the natural wonders of Jasper National park!

Athabasca River and Sunwapta River situated in Jasper National Parkprovidee excellent opportunities for rafting in class II and III whitewater through incredible scenery and abundant wildlife for both beginners and experienced river-runners.

Athabasca River – CLASS 2: Mile 5 Run (~ 9km) is gentle enough for all ages – provides family friendly, river trips. For more thrills, a trip along the river from Athabasca Falls (~15 km) through a narrow canyon offers plenty of thrills and spills!

Sunwapta River – CLASS 3: The Sunwapta River, which means ‘Turbulent Water’ in Stoney Indian, offers oppurtunity to raft in The Class III rapids. This is also the only class 3 located fully within Jasper National Park.

Fraser River – CLASS 3: Situated across the border in British Columbia, is another venue for those who wants to go for a longer trip. Starting from the valley of Mt Robson, a trip on the Fraser River carries you deep within steep canyon walls.

When can you go: ~ May to September.


Guided Whitewater Rafting Tours in Jasper National Park:

A national park licensed guide will be on the raft. You will be provided with required gear, wet suits, life jackets and other necessary accessories required for the trip.

Jasper Rafting: 626 Connaught Drive, Jasper. Ph: 780-852-3777


  1. Family Friendly tour at Mile 5 Run: for all ages, ~ $68/person. Half price for under 12.
  2. Class III on Sunwapta: $98 / Person, 3.5 hour round trip. For those over 40 kilos (90lbs).
  3. Class II on Athabasca River: $88 / person. Half price for under 12. Ages: 6 years+.

Maligne Rafting Adventures: 632 Connaught Dr, Jasper. Ph: 1-844-808-7177


  1. Class II on Athabasca (Canyon Run): Adults: $84, Kids (5-14): $42, 3.5 hours from Jasper
  2. Class III on Sunwapta: $98 per person, 4 hours round trip.
  3. Class III+ on Fraser River: $109 per person, 4 hours round trip.

Jasper White Water Rafting: 618 Connaught Drive, Jasper. Ph: 780-852-7238


  1. Athabasca River – Mile 5: Adult: $68.00, Child (6-12 years): $34.00. 2 hour round trip
  2. Class II on Athabasca River ( Athabasca Falls – Canyon Run): Adult: $88.00, Child (6-12 years): $44.00. 3 hour round trip
  3. Class III on Sunwapta River Ages: 14+ $98.00. 3.5 hour round trip

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