10 Reasons to Visit 124 Street in Edmonton

Lining 124 Street are a unique group of businesses and stores that create a shopping community you won’t want to miss. Visit coffee shops, boutiques, art galleries, and shops that make this area an exciting neighbourhood to explore and discover what makes it oh-so-Edmonton.


Gallery Walk

The first of its kind in Canada, eight different art galleries open their doors for a twice-a-year celebration. Walk from one the next for special presentations showcasing Canadian artists. Spring Walk/Fall Walk.

124 Grand Market

This public market, taking place twice a week, has vendors, makers, buskers, kids programming, and more! Get to know the people you buy from and support the thriving local market community. Thursdays on 108 Avenue & 124 Street from 4:00 PM-8:00 PM & Sunday on 102 Avenue & 124 Street from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM from May/June to around October.

Coffee Shops

Take a break from the bustling street for a cup of coffee. Choose from great options such as the licensed chai bar Remedy Cafe (10310 124 Street) or Credo Coffee (10350 124 Street), who focus on good beans for good coffee.


Satisfy that sweet tooth! Go with the always popular cookies at Bloom Cookie Co. (L2 10350 124 Street) or get a little fancier with pastries from Duchess Bake Shop (10718 124 Street).

Clothing Stores

Get stylish on the Street! Visit women’s boutiques such as Elle’s Closet (10826 124 Street) or find the perfect outfit for your mini model at Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (12418 102 Avenue).


Unique Stores

Visit unique shops like Parcel + Prose (10524 124 Street) for paper-based gifts, Hideout Distro (12407 108 Avenue) for locally-made oddities, or Acquired Taste Tea Company (10122 124 street) for their extensive selection.

International Dining

Tour the world right on the same street. Grab some Greek at Koutouki (10719 124 Street), serve up sushi at Washoku Bistro (10702 124 Street), or try traditional Italian at the award-winning Violino Restaurante (10133 125 Street).

Board Game Cafes

Get competitive over board games without having to pack things up for a bite to eat at a board game cafe. Table Top Cafe (10235 124 Street) and The Gamers’ Lodge (10459 124 Street) both offer hundreds of different games to try out.


Spa Day

Treat yourself right with a day at the spa. Life Stiles (10314 124 Street) will pamper you from head to toe with treatment options such as massages, manicures, pedicures, and more.

Art Galleries

Explore Edmonton’s top art galleries! From paintings to carvings, traditional to controversial, you’ll walk away in awe of all the talent!


Fraser Brinsmead: “Edmonton at Night”/West End Gallery

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By: Sarah Chestnutt
Sarah Chestnutt is a freelance writer and editor, working in the field for over 10 years. She calls Edmonton, home and loves to share it’s stories.

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