15 Best Places for Brunch in Halifax


Credit: Pür & Simple

Brunch is one of those meals that makes you feel luxurious. Either you’re eating again between an early breakfast and a late lunch, or you’ve gotten to sleep in and are only now ready for breakfast. Most restaurants have breakfast options, but there are far fewer who do brunch right. The following are 15 of those options in Halifax.

Pür & Simple

Pür & Simple is located at the Penhorn Plaza in Dartmouth, and it is simply magical if you love breakfast food as much as I do. They have a huge menu for the size of the place, with pancakes, French toast, skillets, omelettes, quiche, etc. Everything is very reasonably priced (around 11-15$ for most dishes), especially considering the size of the portions. Their omelets have 5 eggs in them! I can personally recommend the Black and Blue special–two eggs, toast, two pancakes (one chocolate and one blueberry), hash browns, and breakfast meat of your choice. It fed me for two meals, and it was fantastically good.
Address: 535 Portland Street, Dartmouth (Penhorn Plaza)
Phone: 902-463-2829

The Ardmore Tea Room

The Ardmore’s been open for several decades, and there’s good reason for that. They specialize in diner food, but personally I believe their crowning jewel is their all-day breakfast. This means that you can enjoy your brunch meal without feeling rushed, and if people in your group want to have more lunch-time options, they’re able to do so. The Ardmore has everything from Lumberjack plates to waffles with ice cream, and it’s all at a reasonable price. Note: this restaurant only takes cash, but there are ATMs nearby if you forget!
Address: 6499 Quinpool Road
Phone: 902-423-7523


Athens is up the street from the Ardmore, and at first glance they may seem to be similar restaurants, with the main difference being that Athens also provides many Greek options. However, they do have a difference when it comes to brunch options, and that’s the buffet. It’s only available on the weekends, but what a spread; everything you can think of and maybe a few more things. And if you want to order a la carte, you’ve got just as many options and ways to mix and match until you’ve got the exact brunch meal of your dreams.
Address: 6273 Quinpool Road
Phone: 902-422-1595

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Foggy Goggle

The Foggy Goggle is best known for being a restaurant/bar, but its brunch menu is just as great. Served on the weekends from 9-3, everything’s reasonably priced and several dishes straddle the brunch/lunch divide, such as the Huevos Rancheros and the Breakfast Pizza. They have gluten-free and vegan options available, and several of the dishes are meatless. On the other hand, if you prefer a carnivore’s brunch, they have Egg’s Benedict seven different ways, all but one with meat (one is even lobster!)
Address: 2057 Gottingen Street
Phone: 902-444-1414


Like the Foggy Goggle, Niche is a place most people don’t associate with brunch; it’s more famous as a bar for sure. They do have breakfast though, from 6:30 until 11, good for early brunch. On the weekends they have their brunch menu from 11-3. Both menus feature brunch staples, though the weekend brunch menu includes more lunch-type items like calamari and burgers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go to dinner at Niche and end up for breakfast there the next day.
Address: Salter at Barrington, Maritime Centre
Phone: 902-423-6632

Waffle Love

Top Places for Brunch in Halifax

Credit: Waffle Love

Waffle Love is a restaurant that sells waffles, and they sell them well. This is a tiny restaurant with huge portions, with waffles covered in toppings. They have both sweet and savoury options, which is a great choice for waffles–they’re a lot more versatile than people give them credit for. Check this place out when you really want to get your waffle on.
Address: 2082 Gottingen Street
Phone: 902-445-5683

Elle’s Bistro

Elle’s Bistro is another all-day breakfast famous for good food at a reasonable price, but it manages to make itself unique. They have brunch staples along with some unique items like Breakfast Poutine or Raj’s savoury French toast, but their real specialty is Eggs Benedict and omelettes. They have 15 different kinds of Eggs Benedict, all close to the same price, and 13 different varieties of omelettes (which you are allowed to customize). With all of that included, you could eat here many, many times and never eat the same thing twice–although you just might want to.
Address: 1678 Barrington Street
Phone: 902-446-3775

The Prince George Hotel Restaurant

There are several hotels in downtown Halifax with excellent restaurants, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. The Prince George stands apart from the rest for one key factor: they have two different buffet options. The Smorgasbord is served every day from 6:30-10, and is a full hot breakfast buffet. If you want more, though, on Sundays they have a special brunch from 12-2, which are prime late brunch hours. This brunch is more costly, but it’s very much worth it, as it contains everything from sushi to waffles to desserts, and if the weather’s nice you can eat outside. So if you want a ‘run-of-the-mill’ brunch buffet a bit earlier in the morning, or if you want a special treat for you and your friends, the Prince George Hotel Restaurant is the place to go.
Address: 1725 Market Street
Phone: 902-425-1986 (to book for Sunday brunch)

Maxwell’s Plum House

Maxwell’s Plum is well known for being a good bar at a great price, and their all-day breakfast is perfect for brunch. Their brunch menu is limited, with a focus on eggs and protein combos, and each option is a huge, generous portion. Saturdays are the best time to go, because until 3pm food prices go down significantly (you can get their bacon and eggs for 3.99) as long as you get a drink. Check it out and if you like it, maybe come around again in the evening for great deals on mussels, hot dogs, and beers; it’s an all-day win that starts with brunch.
Address: 1600 Grafton Street
Phone: 902-423-5090

Hali Deli

The Hali Deli is styled after traditional Old World delis, and it’s a great look. They also have breakfast options all day, which means that you can have brunch whenever you want. Their offerings are more focused on savoury options, like lox and eggs, smothered steak, and various hashes. They even have smoked meat and eggs, which I highly recommend because their smoked meat is fabulous. And if you’re looking for a brunchy type of dessert, their milkshakes are wonderful.
Address: 2389 Agricola Street
Phone: 902-406-25009


Best Places for Brunch in Halifax

Credit: Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino

Steve-O-Renos was voted best cafe in Halifax, and it’s easy to see why. They’re most famous for their coffee, but their breakfast/brunch options are also well known. Their breakfast sandwich, the Egg-O-Reno, has several optional toppings, and their breakfast plates also offer customization. Their prices are more than reasonable, and if you get one of their bagel sandwiches, you will be supporting a local business, as the Montreal style bagels are made in Dartmouth. Best of all, it’s right off Spring Garden Road, so it’s the easiest thing in the world to have brunch and then continue your day downtown.
Address: 1536 Brunswick Street
Phone: 902-429-3034

The Stubborn Goat Gastropub

The Stubborn Goat only serves brunch on the weekends, and you don’t want to miss it! It’s an eclectic mix of traditional brunch items with a twist (pineapple pancakes, Elvis’ French toast), and lunch options made smaller, perfect for people who’ve had some breakfast already. They also offer a selection of brunch drinks, mimosas and Caesars with some added twists (e.g. Beermosas and bacon Caesars). The variety is sure to please any crowd, no matter how hungry!
Address: 1579 Grafton Street
Phone: 902-405-4554

Cabin Coffee

Cabin Coffee is a well-loved institution in downtown Halifax. It gives you a feeling of being tucked away from all the busyness of the surrounding streets as you walk into the very cabinlike atmosphere (they had an aesthetic and stuck to it). As this is very much a cafe, it gives you a different sort of brunch feel. You can settle into one of the groups of big chairs with your friends with delicious breakfast sandwiches and delicious coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and you also have a huge selection of delicious baked goods (the cinnamon rolls are especially lovely).
Address: 1554 Hollis Street
Phone: 902-422-8130

Chain Restaurants


Best Places for Brunch in Halifax

Credit: Cora restaurants

Cora’s is a Canadian chain with one goal and one goal only: breakfast/brunch (that counts as one goal depending on when you wake up). While they have some lunch options, it’s small and is definitely brunch flavoured. Cora’s has beautiful dishes with savoury and sweet options across the board. And if you can’t decide, you can always have one of their combo plates. Bring a big appetite and be ready for the best kind of indecision: everything’s great!
Address: 1535 Dresden Row
Phone: 902-490-2672


Another Canadian chain, Smitty’s is turning 60 this year. Its success comes from its well-earned reputation for great service, lovely restaurants and delicious food. Their breakfast and brunch options are particularly nice, because they have everything from pancakes to skillets, all at decent prices and good portion sizes. If you’ve got little ones with you, the kid’s menu is creative and fun, and all the breakfast options are the same low price of 6.99, so they can choose whatever they like!
Address: There are three locations in the HRM; look for the one closest to you here: Location

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