15 Day Trips from Saskatoon

There is an endless amount of scenic tours to take and museums to experience what life was like for a Saskatchewan prairie farmer, all within an hour or two from Saskatoon.

Here is list of 15-day trips to take from Saskatoon that within two hours of driving will take you to towns and hamlets around Saskatoon. Learn about Saskatchewan’s history, culture and heritage by visiting these communities.




In between Regina and Saskatoon is Chaplin. This small town houses the Chaplin Nature Centre off of Highway 1. This centre is a place to learn more about some of the migrating birds and the areas that house them that are important to the Western Hemisphere. There are over 30 species of shorebirds, American Avocet and the endangered Piping Plover.

Explore Chaplin and the Nature Centre to learn more about the birds, along with the shrimp and mining industry in the area. Visit while the weather is beautiful to explore the Saskatchewan Birding Trail. Chaplin

Lake Diefenbaker

Lake Diefenbaker is a popular destination for Saskatchewan. This manmade lake has around 800 km of shoreline with beautiful scenery around. The area is home to an abundance of birds and wildlife as well as record-breaking fish in the water.
Whether you want to boat around and play some water sports, see who can catch the biggest fish or take a relaxing walk around the beach, this area of the province has something for everyone. Lake Diefenbaker is worth packing up the family and taking the day to explore. Lake Diefenbaker


Borden Bridge

The Borden Bridge has made the Saskatchewan news quite frequently and is a destination worth travelling to. About 50 km west of Saskatoon, the bridge is over the North Saskatchewan River. The bridge dates back to the Great Depression and is a place many like to stop and take pictures.

Take the day to hike around the area through the North Saskatchewan Valley and the bridge. Here you will see an abundance of wildlife running through the bushes. This isn’t a marked trail. Instead, you’ll be rummaging through the bush to explore. Borden Bridge

Douglas Provincial Park

About an hour and a half south of Saskatoon is Douglas Provincial Park. But what makes this park exciting is the sand dunes on an inland, accessible by hiking. There are tons of interpretive hiking trails in the area that are great for everyone.

Take a swing at the 18-hole championship golf course within the park. Since this area is right new Lake Diefenbaker, pack a beach bag for an afternoon of water fun. Douglas Provincial Park has everything you need to make a fun day away from the city. Douglas Provincial Park


This small town is about two hours south of Saskatoon, but worth the drive. Beechy is a fun place to tour around and stop in for a rest and refuel from travelling before heading out to explore the area.

What makes Beechy so unique is the natural sand castle formation just west of the town. There is the Beechy Sandcastles and Sunken Hill Trail to head down in which you will get a breathtaking view like no other. You’ll see sand dunes, teepee rings and the Sunken Hill (a collapsed plateau from a natural gas pocket).Beechy



Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Take an hour drive northwest of Saskatoon to visit the town of Hafford. There is something unique to this area that you won’t always find. It is the Crooked Bush. These are a group of aspen tree that are twisted and warped.

The legend behind the Crooked Bush is anywhere from lightning strikes to UFO landings to cause the formation. Take a walk throughout the area and guess for yourself how these warped trees came to be. Along the walk you’ll be able to read all the theories behind the formation. Hafford

Manitou Beach

Have you heard about the lake in Saskatchewan that you can float on? Whether you’ve already been there or not, take a day to drive out to Manitou Beach near Watrous. The area is almost an hour and a half southeast of Saskatoon.

The beach is off the shores of Little Manitou Lake and is nicknamed Canada’s Dead Sea. That is because there is an underground spring that feeds the lake. The water contains high amounts of potassium salts, sodium and magnesium that causes swimmers to float with no effort. It is a sight worth seeing and experiencing yourself. Manitou Beach

Prince Albert

Head north to another large city in Saskatchewan. Prince Albert has plenty to offer every visitor! Browse through the Prince Albert Historical Museum to get the history of what the city used to be like. There is the Kinsmen Water Park that is great for the whole family.

Plan a trip out when the Vintage Power Days are held. There are lots of fun activities and demonstrations that are unique to the area. The Vintage Power Museum houses are farming and logging artifacts from the Prince Albert district. Prince Albert

Prince Albert National Park.

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Anglin Lake


Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Just over two hours north of Saskatoon is Anglin Lake. This is a unique escape from the bustling city that is worth taking the drive. This area is excellent for scenic tours for both hikers and canoeist. The waters are great for swimming and fishing, whichever you prefer.

This destination is a fun winter trip though. You can try your hand at dogsledding up at Anglin Lake. Dogsledding is a fun adventure that is unique to the Canadian north. You and the family will be wanting to come back every winter after spending one day there. Anglin Lake

Blue Mountain Adventure Park

Drive about an hour and a half northwest of Saskatoon to Blue Mountain Adventure Park. This trip is everything you need for the adventurous family. In the summertime, they are popular for their zipline tours. Slide across the valley from one hill to the other as you take in the view below. Or grab a team and head out to the fields for an intense game of paintball.
In the winter time, the trails are groomed for skiing, skating and tobogganing. Warm up at the chalet or the Snack Shack before heading back out to the hills. Blue Mountain Adventure Park

Wanuskewin Heritage Park


Photo Credit: Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Sometimes you don’t have to travel too far to see something unique and full of history. The Wanuskewin Heritage Park is one of that destination. It is about 15 minutes north of Saskatoon. This is a history lesson that is interesting and engaging, and something everyone should take a moment to explore.

The Heritage Park explains what the culture and history of the Northern Plains Indian were like back in the day. Participate in programs throughout your visit including Tipi Rising, Traditional Games and Bison Hunts. There is something there for every member of the family to enjoy. Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Murray Lake

Here is another lake to add to your day trip. But there is something special about this lake compared to those across the province. Murray Lake houses Saskatchewan’s only lighthouse, and it is less than a two-hour drive northwest of Saskatoon.
You can climb up the steps of the lighthouse to take in the view of both Murray Lake and Jackfish Lake, as well as the prairie land and sky around. Bring your fishing gear and fish off the shores of the lake and see who can catch supper. Murray Lake


The town of Battleford is about an hour and a half northwest of Saskatoon. This area is home to a lot of history and culture worth taking the day to visit. Visit the Fred Light Museum to explore the history of the Battlefords. They have themed rooms to guide you along the journey.

The Fort Battleford National Historic Site is a way to discover the stories of the North-West Mounted Police, First Nations people, Metis and settlers from a long time ago. Go back in time to the 1800s and see what Saskatchewan was like before. Battleford

Batoche National Historic Site


Photo Credit: Batoche National Historic Site

Just shy of an hour drive north of Saskatoon is the Batoche National Historic Site. This area is where some of the Metis settled off the banks of the Saskatchewan River. Explore the area to learn about the 1885 final battle of the Northwest Resistance between the Canadian Government and the Metis provincial government.

Plan your visit in July for the annual Back to Batoche Days Festival to relive what the days were like back then. Grab the family and head on out for the day to experience history and culture like no other at this historic site. Batoche National Historic Site

Hepburn Museum of Wheat

Take a day to visit the Hepburn Museum of Wheat that is half an hour out straight north of Saskatoon.

This museum is an old 1928 refurbished Pool Elevator that shows what they used to look like. A part of the Elevator is an annex that is there to reflect the area and showcase the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Saskatchewan farmers and the Canadian National Railway. There is also a 1904 heritage school that has been restored and available for tours. Hepburn Museum of Wheat

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