10 Weekend Getaways to Celebrate Mom in Saskatchewan

Treat your Mom to a special weekend getaway! Whether you want to celebrate right on Mother’s Day weekend or you’re celebrating mother’s day a little late this year, you have plenty of options in Saskatchewan!

Delta Bessborough

Completed in 1932, you can’t miss this historic landmark located along the riverfront in downtown Saskatoon. It closely resembles a castle, towering ten stories high over the river. Walking into this charming hotel is like stepping back into the past. The hotel comes complete with its own spa for some pampering time. A unique, teppanyaki style restaurant is located in the lower level, guaranteed to be an entertaining culinary experience you won’t soon forget. Located on the shores of the South Saskatchewan River, the area is complete with scenic walking paths, a little gazebo and beautiful river views. Located close to the thriving downtown area, treat yourself and your mom with some unique and trendy boutique shopping and have a blast discovering the plethora of restaurants and pubs.

The Moose Jaw Experience

There are so many unique things to do in Moose Jaw, it’s hard to pick just one. If you’re looking for a unique spa experience, be sure to check out Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa. Bask in the unique mineral waters in the indoor/outdoor pool or receive a special treatment or massage at the spa. If bed and breakfasts are more of your thing, book a stay at the gorgeous and quaint Orchard View Bed and Breakfast. For a hair raising, bootlegging, 1920’s adventure, be sure to check out the Tunnels of Moose Jaw which run under the city and come complete with exciting actors to make it a truly authentic experience. For nature lovers there is the Burrowing Owls Interpretive Centre where you can see the endangered species in captivity. It’s open seasonally on May long weekend. For a smaller city, Moose Jaw has unique dining experiences, some amazing boutique style shopping and phenomenal art galleries like the Yvette Moor Gallery. Cap off your day with a visit to see the Murals of Moose Jaw or go on a tour with the Moose Jaw Trolley Company. Tours open during May long weekend.


Open daily from September to June and completely volunteer run, the Floral conservatory is any nature lover’s paradise. The Regina based conservatory boasts unique programming, teas and learning sessions throughout the year. One step into this tropical like paradise will have your jaw dropping. Explore and take in a variety of flora and fauna, sit down and relax on one of the benches, or bring lunch and enjoy a mini picnic in this beautiful oasis. The flowers change regularly so the experience is always a brand new one. When you’re done there, step back in time at the Government House in Regina. The former Lieutenant Governor’s house was built in 1891 and declared a heritage site in 1971. This National Historic Property comes complete with period correct furnishings, tours, exciting programs, teas and special exhibits throughout the year. A very popular attraction is the teas the House holds throughout the year. Tickets do sell out quickly so be sure to check out the website for details. There is usually a mother’s day tea that is very popular. The Government House also boasts eight and a half acres of Edwardian Gardens (seasonally). Admission is free though a donation is appreciated. The house is fully accessible so be sure to check out this gem of architecture on the prairies. To top it all off you can stay at the beautiful Hotel Saskatchewan. You might even be able to book in for the mother’s day brunch.


Culture, heritage, spirituality and architecture; these are the town’s toted four pillars. In Gravelbourg. you can experience what it would be like to transport yourself across the world to Europe without ever leaving the prairies. Stay at the new bed and breakfast, the B&B La Maison 315 for a unique touch of Europe. Don’t miss the breathtaking church with its signature European architecture. You can book a tour (provided in both English and French) if you are visiting in June, July or August. Or if you’re arriving in the months of October to May you can visit the Gravelbourg and District Museum for more information on the town and area.

Cypress Hills Provincial Park

If you’re celebrating mother’s day a little late for the start of camping season and are more of the outdoorsy type, there are few places as exciting as the Cypress Hills Provincial Park. There are attractions all year round and of course the camping and ranches in the area are great places to visit during the spring, summer and fall. Be sure to check out the historic museums and Fort Walsh. Depending on the time of year you can also enjoy a multitude of shopping and great outdoor activities like ziplining. If horses are your thing, check out the Historic Reesor Ranch. You can book a number of cabins or stay at the bed and breakfast. Ride the trails on horseback or even try herding cattle! On an off note, if you’re planning on buying your mom that special bottle of wine this year, check out the wines from the Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery, found in most Saskatchewan liquor stores. The fruit wines with flavours like Saskatoon, Cherry and Rhubarb are truly fantastic!

Elk Ridge Resort

This gorgeous all season resort is a must see! With activities and amenities all year round, there truly is something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area. The Resort is located by Prince Albert National Park and Waskesiu. Stay at the lodge or book an authentic cabin complete with log finishing. You also have the choice of booking a more modern style townhouse or a cottage where you can do your own cooking. There are events all year but if you’re coming in May, you might want to try the ziplining, climbing wall, golfing or head out on the lake. Of course there is also a spa for just the perfect amount of pampering!

Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa

Located at Manitou Beach and ranked the number one spa in Saskatchewan for the past two years in a row, Manitou Springs has been toted the “dead sea of Saskatchewan,” for the mysterious waters. Take a dip and find out for yourself just how amazing the mineral waters truly are. You’ll be much more buoyant than you normally are so you can happily float and relax the day away. The resort hotel is equally beautiful and overlooks the Manitou Lake. The hotel offers everything you’ll need to make your stay a great one including fantastic dining, spa services and gift shops.

Besnard Lake Lodge

Located by LaRonge in Northern Saskatchewan, this lake offers scenic views and spectacular fishing. If you’re celebrating mother’s day a little late this year, for the start of fishing season a few days later, be sure to check out Besnard Lake! The fishing is known for its excellent quality and trophy sized critters. The natural wonders of Saskatchewan’s North are hard to compete with. Get lost in the living sunsets and sunrises, crystal clear waters and tiny islands that dot the lake. If you’re a nature enthusiast but are new to trying a camp, guides and boats are available. Book a stay at one of the modern style cabins and get out there!

The Good Old Prairie Road Trip

Spend a weekend seeing the wonders of the province or take extra time and see more of what Saskatchewan truly has to offer. There are many places to stay along the way, especially if you’re not fussy on accommodations. People who have an interest in photography and those who want to walk in the past will love the many abandoned buildings that can be found dotting the prairies. Weathered barn boards, dilapidated houses, ancient outbuildings, towering churches… Saskatchewan has it all! You’ll have a blast driving the backroads and forgotten trails of the province to discover these gems. Of course, if you want to plan a road trip with some specific sites to see including you could try The Great Sandhills, Fort Walsh, Qu’Appelle Valley, the bridges of Saskatoon, Batoche, or the Regina Legislative Building, just to name a few.

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Fort Carleton Provincial Park

For history buffs and nature lovers alike, Fort Carleton Provincial Park provides the perfect weekend getaway. Located twenty-seven kilometres west of Duck Lake, the park opens on May 21st so if you didn’t want to fight your way into a restaurant on mother’s day or you want to escape the city, come for the beginning of the season and celebrate your mother a weekend later! The picnic and camping areas are beautifully scenic. Take a stroll along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. The Carlton trail, where the ruts left by Red River Carts are visible, is a must see. This early in the season, the Fort is only open during the week but if you can come on a Friday or include a Monday with your weekend it is well worth the extra day! Take a trip back in time to the 1800’s as you venture into the original site of a Hudson Bay trading post. A whole authentic world has been recreated for you to discover. The talented staff will help you make your way through the area and help explain the significance of the many historical artifacts you will see. You can also participate in some fun activities like learning how to pack furs for their long trip across the seas to England.

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