15 Great Places to Fish in Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan is one of the world’s top premier fishing destinations. Pristine lakes, tranquil waters, picturesque islands and spectacular sunsets await. From the rugged, unspoiled, remote north to the warmer waters of the south, Saskatchewan offers anglers a chance to catch trophy sized fish or experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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1 Reindeer Lake

Those who venture to the pristine beauty of Saskatchewan’s north are left with an impression of unspoiled wilderness that lasts a lifetime. Reindeer Lake is the second largest lake in Saskatchewan and the ninth largest in Canada so there is plenty of water to explore. There is also legend that Deep Bay, located on the south of the lake, might be home to a real monster. The Bay was created by a meteorite dating back to about one hundred and forty million years ago. Deep Bay is thirteen kilometers wide and seven hundred and twenty feet deep. Known for its trophy size pike and lake trout, Reindeer Lake is also home to several species including pike, walleye, perch, Arctic grayling, whitefish, burbot, cisco and several varieties of suckers.

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2 Tobin Lake

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Tobin Lake is located close to Nipawin. This reservoir lake was formed by the E.B. Campbell Dam on the Saskatchewan River. Toted by some as the best walleye lake in Saskatchewan, Tobin holds the world ice fishing walleye record with an 18.3 pound walleye caught! Avid anglers will also enjoy the many other species the lake is home to including perch, pike, burbot, whitefish and goldeye. As the lake’s primary inflows and outflows are the Saskatchewan River, you might even be lucky enough to catch a sturgeon!

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3 Black Lake

Found in the northernmost part of the province by Stony Rapids and the town of Black Lake, this amazing lake will awe and amaze anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. The true beauty of the north is indescribable. Be sure you have your camera ready to capture the breathtaking natural scenes, wildlife and the trophy size pike and lake trout. You can also fish for the incredible Arctic grayling. The lake also has more common species including whitefish, cisco, burbot and suckers.
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4. Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

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The Lac La Ronge Provincial Park is one of Saskatchewan’s largest parks and has something for nature lovers and anglers alike. Located in the Churchill River system, the park offers almost one hundred lakes for exploration. Amazing fishing opportunities await! There are also plenty of canoe routes. Step back in time as you paddle down the same routs that many of the fur traders used. Avid nature lovers will enjoy the many hiking trails. The park is also home to the oldest standing building in Saskatchewan, the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, so make it a point to stop and see it.

5. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

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It might surprise some to learn that some of the best trout fishing in the province can be found on lakes located in the park. Battle Creek offers superb rainbow and brown trout fishing and brook trout has also been caught. Loch Leven offers amazing brook and cutthroat trout fishing. There are also many different creeks outside the park’s boundaries that offer quality trout fishing. Be sure to pack your fly rods and print your license ahead of time! Cypress Hills has so much more to offer than just fishing. Excellent camping, ziplining, horseback riding, hiking and canoeing are just some of the many activities you can enjoy so be sure to bring the whole family for a vacation.

6. Cree Lake

Just west of Reindeer Lake in northern Saskatchewan, this beautiful lake is inaccessible by road so you will have to take a float plane to reach it. The pristine, unspoiled waters, rugged wilderness, beautiful islands and even sandy beaches are any angler’s dream. The fourth largest lake in Saskatchewan, Cree Lake is home to many different fish species including pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, cisco, burbot, lake trout and the beautiful, elusive Arctic grayling. Anglers looking for trophy fish will love fishing Cree Lake. It might be remote but it contains all the huge pike and lake trout that you could ever ask for.

Cree Lake Lodge
Crystal Lodge

7. Besnard Lake

Besnard Lake is located in Northern Saskatchewan and is nestled into the heart of the breathtaking boreal forest. More than two hundred and fifty islands dot the lakes and the many bays and shallow shorelines are the perfect hunting grounds for monster sized pike and huge walleye. The lake also supports whitefish, perch and burbot.
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8. Boundary Dam

Located in the southern part of the province right by Estevan, it might come as a surprise to some that Large Mouth Bass can be caught here. Toted by some as the best place to catch Large Mouth in Western Canada, Boundary is not to be missed. The body of water is also home to pike and walleye. The waters are always warm so bring the whole family and enjoy the excellent camping, swimming and sandy beaches!

9. Lake Diefenbaker

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This reservoir lake was formed by the construction of Gardiner Dam and the Qu’Appelle River Dam. Located in the south part of the province, the massive Lake Diefenbaker is best known for its trophy sized rainbow trout. In fact, the current world record rainbow trout and world record burbot both come from Lake Diefenbaker. The lake boasts a whole host of other species including walleye, pike, lake trout, sauger, perch, Atlantic salmon, lake sturgeon, goldeye, cisco and suckers. Fishing isn’t the only activity you can enjoy at Lake Diefenbaker. The area is home to great camping, watersports, sandy beaches and many other activities your family will love!

10. Churchill River

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The Churchill River is made up of a series of lakes, rapids and falls located throughout the Precambrian Shield. The historic route was once used by explorers, trappers and fur traders as early as four hundred years ago. Fishing the historic, pristine, rushing waters of the Churchill River is a unique, exciting experience. Trophy sized northern pike are common and the walleye fishing is world class. Sauger can also be found. Canoeing the river is an experience unlike any other. The Churchill is accessible by boat ins, fly ins and by road.
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11. North Saskatchewan River

If you’re lucky enough to live anywhere near the North Saskatchewan River or are willing to make the trip, you’ll know that one of the most exciting species of fish can be caught here, the sturgeon. Sturgeon are making a comeback in the North Saskatchewan and if you’ve ever hooked one you’ll understand why catching one of these prehistoric looking fish is every angler’s dream.
Though it might not be well known and is slightly out of the way, the Petrofka Bridge, located forty minutes north of Saskatoon, is an excellent place for fishing. Hike down the river banks and enjoy the natural beauty of the rushing waters while you try your hand at fishing for sturgeon. You might also catch other species of fish, probably a goldeye or a sucker. If you want to make a day of it, the Petrofka Orchard is located just by the bridge. This orchard and vegetable farm is a great place to stop and get fresh fruit and homemade pies and produce!

12. Lake Athabasca

Located in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan, Lake Athabasca is a must fish for all avid anglers. Over three thousand square miles of beautiful waters await. Uranium and gold mining along the northern part of the lake led to the creation of Uranium City, now largely considered a ghost town. The lake is also situated close to Fond-du-lac. Many species of fish call these waters home including pike, walleye, perch, goldeye, whitefish cisco, Arctic grayling, burbot and suckers. The world record Lake Trout was caught at Lake Athabasca in 1961. It weighed in at one hundred and two pounds. For those wishing to bring the family or see sights close by, the Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes are located just off the southern shores of the lake and are one of the largest active sand dunes in the world.
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13. Wollaston Lake

While remote, located in northeast Saskatchewan, Wollaston is a bit of a journey but definitely worth the time to get there. Located approximately five hundred and fifty kilometres north east of Prince Albert, this massive lake is over one thousand square miles and the largest lake located entirely within the province. The lake can be accessed via float plane and road. Many different fish call the lake home including walleye, perch, pike, lake trout, Arctic grayling, whitefish, cisco, burbot and suckers.

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14. Blackstrap Provincial Park

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The Blackstrap Provincial Park is located only a short distance from Saskatoon (about thirty minutes), East of Dundurn, Blackstrap is the perfect weekend getaway for fisherman and families. The campground is beautiful and comes complete with sandy beaches perfect for swimming. The manmade lake provides the perfect waters for watersports and boating. The fishing is also quite good and many different species can be found including walleye, pike, perch, burbot, whitefish and suckers.

15. Milton Lake

Milton Lake is located in the northernmost part of the province, near the boundary between Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. (Located approximately 145km north of Wollaston Lake.) The remote wilderness lake provides the fishing opportunity of a lifetime for avid anglers. It can be reached by floatplane. Trophy sized pike and lake trout are not uncommon. The lake also boasts Arctic grayling and whitefish.
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