15 Roadside Attractions and Landmarks For a Road Trip in Alberta


Credit: World’s Largest Dinosaur/Town of Drumheller

Alberta is not afraid to do things large. Just take a road trip to discover how true it is. Giant and unique roadside attractions and statues, many of which are the world’s largest, dot the landscape.

1. World’s Largest Dinosaur


One of Alberta’s best-known roadside attractions, the 86’ T-Rex allows visitors to climb up 106 stairs inside for the view. The statue is 4.5 times bigger than a real T-Rex and 12 people can fit in the mouth of this dinosaur at a time. Details

#60, 1st Avenue West, Drumheller

2. World’s Largest Oil Lamp

World’s Largest Oil Lamp

Credit: Donalda & District Museum

This 42’ tall replica was made to complement the oil lamp collection the town’s museum is known for. The Donalda and District Museum displays over 1,100 lamps, dating from the 1600s to 1960, Métis artifacts amongst its variety of historical collections and buildings. Details

The Donalda and District Museum, Donalda

3. BIG Red Chairs and Totem Pole


Credit: Tourism High Level & Josh Lambert Photography

Mackenzie Crossroad’s Museum and Visitor’s Centre in High Level, Alberta is home to the famous BIG Red Chairs (10ft Tall, 6ft Wide, 9ft Long) and Totem Pole (30ft Tall).
Located on the side of the Mackenzie Highway is this photo-worthy pit stop! But there’s more, learn about local history in the museum and check out our gift shop filled with many locally made items.


Mackenzie Crossroads Museum & Visitor’s Centre
10803 – 96 Street, High Level

4. World’s Largest Ukrainian Sausage

The family-owned sausage factory this 42’ tall statue honours is still open in Mundare and is still famous for kobasa. Details

Sawchuk Street and 50 Avenue, Mundare

5. Giant Beaver Sculpture

Where else would you find a 1,500 pound beaver erected to celebrate a town’s 75th anniversary? Beaverlodge was a no-brainer. The beaver is 18′ long, 10′ wide and 10′ high beaver and the log is 5′ high, 20′ long log. Details

Highway 43, Beaverlodge

6. World’s Largest Mallard


Weighing in at 1 tonne with a wingspan of 23 feet, you can’t miss the world’s largest mallard duck. Details

Junction of Highways 855 and 45, Andrew

7. Saamis Tepee

Originally constructed for the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games, the giant tepee is surrounded by cultural displays. Take a self guided tour of the important archaeological sites of the Northern Plains and the Medicine Hat‘s most visible landmark that is as tall as a 20 story building, located in Seven Persons coulee. Details

32 Eagle Birth Rd SW, Medicine Hat

8. World’s Largest Mushrooms

The 20’ tall steel mushrooms celebrate the local ingredient that has been used in the area since the 1900s. Details

1 block east of Main Street, Village of Vilna

9. World’s Largest Pysanka

imageKnown worldwide, this giant Easter egg is a perfect photo op. Measuring 25.7’ long and 31’ high, it turns in the wind like a weathervane. The Easter egg was constructed to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Details

Yellowhead Highway, Vegreville

10. Provincial Border Markers


As Canada’s only border city, it seems fitting that Lloydminster is home to the world’s largest border markers at 100’ high. Details

Highway 16 and 17, Lloydminster

11. World’s Largest Bee


Credit: Falher

The “Honey Capital of Canada” is the perfect place for a huge bee measuring 22’ 8″ long and 7’7” in diameter.

Bee Park, #306 Main Street, Falher

12. World’s Largest Perogy


You just can’t miss this giant perogy on a fork – the world-record icon is found right on Perogy Drive in the Village of Glendon located 213 kilometers from Edmonton.

Perogy Drive, Glendon

13. UFO Landing Pad

Visit the attraction that’s out of world! The world’s first UFO landing pad not only welcomes any possible aliens, but it welcomes you to St. Paul. The info centre next door is filled with photos of crop circles and UFOs.

St Paul

14. World’s Largest Softball

imageAffectionately known as Suzie to locals, the world’s largest softball measures 6 feet in diameter. Details

Village of Chauvin

15. Giant Potatoes

Better known as Sammy and Samantha, these two giant potatoes welcome visitors to the “Potato Capital of the West.”

Highway 36, Vauxhall

16. Aaron the Blue Heron

Constructed of rebar, wire mesh, and concrete, the 8’ blue heron celebrates the elegant birds commonly seen in and around Barrhead.

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