15 Restaurants to Get BBQ Kits in Calgary

Several different places around Calgary can help make grilling season easier. Skip the mess, the work, and the prep, and get yourself a barbecue kit to take home. All you need to do is fire up the grill and tend to the burgers, sausages, or steaks. A few of these restaurants also have tasty vegetarian or seafood options too.

What can you expect with a BBQ Kit? These premade grill kits often include protein, sides or appetizers, desserts, or drinks, and grilling instructions.


Cravings Market Restaurant


Do you crave barbecued striploin steaks, chicken breast, baby back ribs, or salmon filet? The Cravings Market Restaurant features four different take-home BBQ Kits featuring one of each meat. Barbecue them yourself at home, and enjoy accompaniments like salad, seared vegetables, and your choice of house made barbecue sauces.

Cravings Market Restaurant: 7207 Fairmount Dr. SE

Phone: (403) 252-2083

Empire Provisions

Whether you’re looking to grill for a large group of people, or just you and one other person, you have options for what to grill through Empire Provisions. For a bigger gathering, try their BBQ Meat Box filled with steak, short ribs, chicken wings, ½ jerk chicken, Empire Beer Smokies, and brined Bear and the Flower Farms pork chops. Empire also creates smaller BBQ kits for one or two and offer more sides.

Empire Provisions: 8409 Elbow Dr. SW

Phone: (403) 244-0570

Modern Steak

You can choose from four different barbecue packs from Modern Steak including a premium Wagyu pack. For some variety, try their Mixed meat pack with Springvale filets, wagyu striploin, and ribeye. Modern also offer a Filet pack and Ribeye pack.

Modern Steak: 107 10a Street NW

Phone: (403) 670-6873


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Pioneer Butchery & Charcuterie

Pioneer offer a ton of excellent and high-quality meats to take home and barbecue, along with cheeses, salami, and baked goods. If you need to feed many, we suggest the Half Pig kit, which might give you enough and then some! You’ll receive 40 sausages, six to eight pork chops, a rack of ribs, and ten slices of bacon. For a smaller get together, try Pioneer’s Classic Burger kits, or charcuterie from their cheeses and salamis.

Pioneer Butchery & Charcuterie

Free delivery over $25.


Great Events Catering

Serve up some amazing breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner over the grill! The Great Events Rare Cut menu helps by providing absolutely everything you need for the perfectly barbecued meal. Choose from already-cooked breakfast foods, or the BBQ Boxes in either striploin steak, chicken breast, trout filet, baby back ribs, tomahawk steaks, or the Stampede Snack Box.

Great Events Catering: 7207 Fairmount Dr. SE

Phone: (403) 256-7150

Vin Room

This Calgary wine bar may be best-known for their drinkable selections, but they can help you serve a mean barbecued meal, too! You can choose from burger, lamb, steak, sausage, and rib packages (all available in children’s’ sizes, too). And to wash it all down, choose from tons of fun variety packs of mini wine bottles, beer, cider, or champagne.

Vin Room

  • West: 8561 8A Ave SW; (587) 353-8812
  • Mission: 2310 4 St SW; Phone: (403) 457-5522


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Big T’s BBQ & Smokehouse

You can order two different kinds of barbecue kits from Big T’s: BBQ in a Bag, and BBQ Boxes. The Bags are heat-and-serve style pulled pork including buns, a bottle of BBQ Sauce, coleslaw, potato salad, and Grizzly Paw sodas. The Boxes are a bit more ‘meat-focused,’ and include a variety of cuts like steak, sausages, burgers, bacon, and more.

Big T’s BBQ

  • Crowchild: 2138 Crowchild Trail NW Phone: (403) 284-5959
  • Deer Ridge:14935 Deer Ridge Dr SE (587) 471-0586
  • Farmers Market: 510 77 Ave SE (587) 897-2545


The authentic Braxilian barbecue you can normally expect from Gaucho can now be enjoyed at home- whether you’d like to cook it yourself or not! If you want to take on the grill yourself, be sure to try their 1 LB Rodizio Kit, their Brazilian Kit, the marinated chicken hearts, ready-to-bake pao de queijo dough, or 1 LB of picanha rump steak.

Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue: #100 5920 Macleod Trail SW

Phone: (403) 454-9119

Devour Catering

Through the Devour at Home menu, you have a few options for creating your perfect at-home barbecue. The Patio Perfect weekend adds burgers to the menu, while other selections include wine pairings, smoke brie, chips and dip, and lemonade. Devour also has a full menu of Freezer Pleasers, sure to be a great addition to any barbecue meal.

Devour Catering: 538 42 Ave. SE

Phone: (403) 242-0046


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The Guild

The Guild are known for their steak, which you can now take home in many forms and grill yourself. All of the beef is provided by Berretta Farms, and you can take your beef as flat iron steaks, striploin steaks, tenderloin, or as tomahawk steaks. Your kit includes grilling instructions for your steak and its accompaniments. The Guild also offer a variety of fun take-home brunch kits to try.

The Guild: 200 8 Avenue SW, Calgary

Phone: (403) 770-2313


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Minas Brazilian Steakhouse

You can get yourself high quality barbecue for any meal of the day from Mina’s. But consider giving the grilling a go yourself with Minas’ BBQ Kits. You can get the kits with or without pork options included, and you can choose from Minas many other to-go menu options to help elevate your barbecue.

Mina’s Brazilian Steakhouse: 136 2 St SW

Phone: (403) 454-2550

Tubby Dog

There are so many ways you can top a Tubby Dog, and now you can decide at home. Their Grill & Chill Kit is a relaxed barbecue kit with all the fixings for making the perfect dog. You’ll receive four homemade Ukranian sausages, a one-time-use grill, house made Tubby Dog mustard, two Annex Ale tallboys, and four Twinkies.


Tubby Dog: 103-1022 17 Ave SW

Phone: (403) 244-0694


Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ

These barbecue kits offer delicious flavours which you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in Calgary as a to-go kit. The Gyu-Raw at home menu includes four different grilling varieties with different savoury seasonings and sauces.

Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ: #100 638 6 Ave. SW

(587) 538-6601


The Chef Kits from Earl’s are made your way. So, if you want to take the Chef Kits home to barbecue, you have plenty of options with which to do so! The Earl’s at Home Menu includes Cajun Chicken for Two, BBQ Ribs Kit for Two, and Oven Roasted Salmon for Two.


  • Tin Palace: 2401 4 St. SW; Phone: (403) 228-4141
  • 16th Ave: 1110 – 16 Ave. NW; Phone: (403) 289-2566
  • Barlow Trail: 3030 23 St. NE; Phone: (403) 291-6700
  • Dalhousie: 5005 Dalhousie Dr. NW, Unit 605; Phone: (403) 247-1143
  • Shepard Flats: 5155 130 Ave. SE, Unit 200; Phone: (403) 255-3275
  • Willow Park: 10640 McLeod Tr. SE; Phone: (403) 278-7860
  • West Hills: 140 Stewart Green SW, Westhills Town Centre; Phone: (403) 246-7171
  • Bankers Hall: 315 8 Ave. SW; Phone: (403) 265-3275

Valbella Gourmet Foods

The BBQ Kits from Valbella are enough to feed two people for 12 days, or you can group those into larger gatherings! Altogether, their kits include four chicken burgers, two Teriyaki Pork Chops, two Swiss Cervelat Sausages, two chicken satay skewers, two beef striploin, four Farmers bratwurst, four Moroccan lamb sausages, two lamb Souvlaki skewers, four Valbella Burgers, a BBQ pork loin roast, and five Cabanossi sausages! This Canmore business can deliver to Calgary every Thursday.

Valbella Gourmet Foods: 104 Elk Run Blvd., Canmore

Azuridge Estate Hotel

Azuridge might be a bit of a drive from your house, but their barbecue packages make it worth it. Choose from either a Prime Frozen Meat Package with eight different types of meat and cuts, or a Seafood Package with eight different types of seafood.

Azuridge Estate Hotel: 178057 272 St W, Foothills County

Phone: (403) 931-0100

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