Annular Solar Eclipse

June 10, 2021

June 10, 2021


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This year, you can see an annular solar eclipse on June 10 beginning at sunrise in southern Ontario, through Greenland, and ending at sunset in far-eastern Russia. This is the first of the two polar solar eclipses of 2021.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun’s light and casting a shadow on the Earth. During an annular solar eclipse, the Moon is at apogee (farthest from Earth) and covers only the Sun’s center (the apparent size of the Moon slightly smaller than that of the Sun) while leaving the outer edges visible as a “ring of fire” or annulus. This means that if you live in the part of the world that lies in the path of annularity, you will see the “ring-shaped” eclipse, while regions outside this path will only get to see a partial eclipse with the Moon blocking part of the Sun.

Animation of a solar eclipse; Credit: NASA


Depending on where you are located in Canada, you can see the Sun like a “ring of fire” or like a “crescent moon”. The annularity will be visible from parts of northern Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut.The best view of the annulus will be at the coast of Lake Superior northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario and the western shore of Lake Nipigon.

The communities of Nunavut can also catch a good view of the eclipse with a maximum duration of annularity of three minutes.

The eclipse will be visible early in the morning on June 10, 2021.

In Toronto, the eclipse will begin before the Sun rises at 5:35 AM, reaching its maximum at 5:40 AM and end at 6:38 AM.

In Iqaluit, the eclipse will begin at 5:06 AM and end at 7:13 AM. You will get to see the annular state from 6:06:30 AM to 6:09:33 AM.

Only those in the Path of Annularity will be able to see the full annular “Ring of Fire” phenomenon.

Times to See Solar Eclipse


Credit: Canadian Space Agency

A magnitude of 1 indicates a total solar eclipse and 0.9 and above, an annular eclipse. The eclipse begins before sunrise in most places in Canada. It is not visible in B.C. and Alberta.

PlaceSunrisePartial Eclipse BeginsMaximum EclipsePartial Eclipse EndsMagnitude
Saskatoon4:46 AM3:16:17 AM4:50:54 AM5:04:19 AM 0.231 Magnitude
Regina4:47 AM3:13:08 AM4:51:26 AM5:00:55 AM 0.164 Magnitude
Prince Albert4:36 AM3:16:23 AM4:41:11 AM5:05:11 AM 0.411 Magnitude
Whitehorse3:44 AM 3:30:30 AM4:25:34 AM5:22:10 AM0.846 Magnitude
Iqaluit2:16 AM5:06:05 AM6:08:02 AM7:13:30 AM0.954 Magnitude
Winnipeg5:20 AM4:06:12 AM5:24:19 AM5:55:54 AM0.539 Magnitude
Nipigon5:48 AM4:58:04 AM5:52:59 AM6:50:16 AM0.953 Magnitude
Cochrane5:34 AM4:53:01 AM5:48:06 AM6:46:26 AM0.923 Magnitude
Timmins5:23 AM4:52:10 AM5:47:43 AM6:46:38 AM0.919 Magnitude
Thunder Bay5:55 AM4:58:15 AM5:59:44 AM6:49:47 AM0.843 Magnitude
Sault Ste. Marie5:44 AM4:52:22 AM5:48:01 AM6:44:40 AM0.911 Magnitude
Kenora5:10 AM4:03:52 AM5:14:21 AM5:54:20 AM.679 Magnitude
Sudbury5:31 AM4:49:48 AM5:44:51 AM6:43:18 AM0.899 Magnitude
Barrie5:34 AM4:46:33 AM5:41:10 AM6:39:17 AM0.870 Magnitude
Peterborough5:29 AM4:45:24 AM5:40:12 AM6:38:35 AM0.862 Magnitude
Toronto5:35 AM4:45:33 AM5:40:01 AM6:37:58 AM0.861 Magnitude
Hamilton5:39 AM4:45:32 AM5:47:48 AM6:37:32 AM0.793 Magnitude
London5:45 AM4:46:22 AM5:49:04 AM6:37:43 AM0.785 Magnitude
Kitchener5:40 AM4:46:14 AM5:47:48 AM6:38:07 AM.805 Magnitude
Niagara Falls5:36 AM4:44:45 AM5:40:02 AM6:36:56 AM0.852 Magnitude
Windsor5:55 AM4:47:11 AM5:58:34 AM6:37:30 AM0.642 Magnitude
Ottawa5:14 AM4:44:41 AM5:40:14 AM6:39:32 AM0.861 Magnitude
Kingston5:21 AM4:43:57 AM5:39:01 AM6:37:47 AM0.852 Magnitude
Montréal5:05 AM4:43:16 AM5:39:11 AM6:39:00 AM0.850 Magnitude
Halifax5:36:02 AM6:33:16 AM7:35:03 AM0.778 Magnitude
Cape Breton5:10 AM5:36:01 AM6:34:17 AM7:37:21 AM0.771 Magnitude
Charlottetown5:20 AM5:37:45 AM6:35:38 AM7:38:07 AM 0.793 Magnitude
Fredericton5:35 AM5:39:23 AM6:36:35 AM7:38:09 AM 0.813 Magnitude
St. John’s5:03 AM6:05:02 AM7:05:09 AM7:05:09 AM0.733 Magnitude
Labrador City5:02 AM5:48:47 AM6:48:08 AM7:51:43 AM0.881 Magnitude
Happy Valley-Goose Bay4:34 AM5:46:20 AM6:47:02 AM7:52:24 AM0.844 Magnitude

The above times are from For other cities, check

How to View the Solar Eclipse

If the sky is clear (not cloudy), you can view the eclipse by looking at the sun during the time of the eclipse, from a location of your choosing through special solar filters (ISO 12312-2 international standard) made specifically for the purpose of viewing a solar eclipse.

Remember, it is not safe to view the Sun without appropriate filters as it can cause serious damage including complete loss of vision. Regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes.


Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses:

  1. Local RASC/Science Centres.
  2. Sky (Canadian Magazine of Astronomy & Star Viewing) Store Online
  3. List of reputed vendors by NASA

Other Options:

  • Do a science project and make a pinhole projector – How to make a pin hole projector.
  • Welder’s Mask – A welding mask with lens rating of 14 (ONLY THAT) is safe for viewing the eclipse. Do not use a welder’s mask if the lens is damaged, scratched, or if the shade rating is unknown.
  • To capture an eclipse with binoculars, a telescope, or a camera, use a safety-approved, protective solar filter on your lens.

Read safe viewing article by NASA.

Live Streaming of Eclipse – Link

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