Science Workshops at Harvest Hills Hub

July 2, 2020

August 20, 2020


178 Harvest Glen Way Northeast, Calgary

Events Description

The Harvest Hills Hub is thrilled to partner with Mad Science of South Alberta to bring FREE science workshops to the HHHub this summer!

These 1 hour workshops will run every Thursday from 6-7pm (weather permitting) from July 2 – August 20, 2020. They will cover a variety of nature themed subjects, and are broken into two age groups to ensure the most fun for all involved!

In order to comply with provincial regulations surrounding Covid-19, workshop space is extremely limited, so we ask that you only register for 1 workshop. If there are any remaining spots 24 hours before a workshop is held, we will open up registration to anyone, so make sure you follow us on Facebook!

July 2: Dry Ice: ages 6- 8

Make an ice cube in less than 1 minute, learn how cold dry ice really is and what makes it dry, taste our Mad Science Burp Potion, learn if dry ice is an acid or a base through color changing reactions and see what happens when we mix dry ice with liquid soap!

July 9: Walloping Weather: ages 9 – 12

Learn how and why seasons change, how weather is measured, the good and the bad of UV rays, how to protect our skin from UV rays, what causes lightening & thunder and about the water cycle. Students will take home a Mad Science Sun Bead Kit.

July 16: Bugs: ages 6 – 8

Explore the diverse word of insects, their habitats, how they adapt to their environment, & how they protect themselves. Students will take home a Mad Science Insecta-Vision.

July 23: Mineral Mania: ages 9 – 12

Students have fun looking at all sorts of rocks & minerals, learn how they are formed, do a streak test, learn how a volcano is made and make a volcano, pan for gems and take home your treasure.

July 30: Dinosaurs: ages 6 – 8

Kids examine fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Students participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and stain a dinosaur tooth to take home.

August 6: Science of Flight: ages 9 – 12

The Wright brothers would be proud as we learn the fundamentals about flight, drag, gravity, lift, and thrust. Students will take home a Mad Science Skyhawk Plane.

August 13: Slippery Science: ages 6 – 8

Children will learn that science can be slippery, squashy, stretchy and slimy. Experiment with squishy putty to discover why some materials stretch and some break, see if a needle can pass through a balloon without bursting and stir up some Mad Science Slime to take home.

August 20: Magnificent Magnets: ages 9 – 12

What is the largest magnet in the world? Explore the invisible forces of magnets & their effects on different objects. Learn how electromagnets work & try our magnetic paperclip challenge. Students will each receive a Mad Science Magnet Lab to continue experimenting with forces after class.


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Date & Time:

Thursday, July 02, 2020, 6:00 PM to Thursday, August 20, 2020, 7:00 PM


178 Harvest Glen Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 4J4

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