Date Ideas - Edmonton

    21 Mar

    CO*LAB - Community {Arts} Laboratory, 102A Avenue Northwest, Edmonton

    March 21, 2021 To April 30, 2021


    As a part of Quarters Arts Society’s annual Spring Equinox Festival, GLOW, the Winter Birds Exhibit invites you to celebrate those special species of birds that make…Read more…

    02 Jun

    Edmonton EXPO Centre, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton

    June 2, 2021 To July 4, 2021

    $34.99 - $63.98

    In this exhibition, visitors of all ages discover a new way of reconnecting with the work of this great master.Read more…

    19 Jun

    City-wide, Edmonton

    June 19, 2021


    Think you have what it takes to catch a killer? CluedUpp is an exciting, outdoor detective adventure – and it’s coming to Edmonton on Saturday the 19th June 2021.Read more…