Bottle Feed and Walk Baby Goats

June 4, 2020

August 29, 2020


246 Sherring Street, Cambridge

Events Description

Cuddle, feed and walk our baby goats! All proceeds from the farm are given to MCC!

Come out to Growing Hope Farm to bottle feed baby goats and support Mennonite Central Committees food security program!

When you come out to feed the goats you will be getting a chance to snuggle up with some cute babies! After your done feeding you will have access to the farm to look around and check out all the things we are growing here. You can also:

  • Visit another paddock of older goats, chickens and pigs
  • Zoom down the zip line
  • Catch bugs with our bug catchers
  • Play frisbee golf
  • Complete our scavenger hunt
  • Collect Eggs (for fun or for purchase)
  • Purchase food grown on the farm(seasonal)
  • Pick your own fruit and/or flowers (seasonal) for purchase
  • Buy a organic coffee/tea/ice-cream and sit under a tree to enjoy the view.

Few things to remember: This is a farm, so come prepared to get VERY dirty! You will be outdoors with the goats so please dress for the outdoors. Wear clothes that can get covered in mud/goat poop. The goats are like untrained puppies and they will jump up on you. If you have young children who might be scared you can always feed the goats through the fence instead.

This event is rain or shine. There is a small shed that the goats use and you can use the shed if it rains.

Due to Covid-19 we are only allowing 20 people on the property at one time for one hour only. Please arrive on time so you can enjoy your full hour on the farm. We ask you to make sure you do not come if you have a cough, headache, fever and/or may be Covid positive. We also ask you to make sure you stay 6ft apart from other guests on the farm so everyone can enjoy their time and stay safe.


I, when purchasing a ticket to spend time at Growing Hope Farm, understand that:

Growing Hope Farm is a not-for-profit enterprise which offers an experience to directly interact with farm animals “up close and personal”, feed the animals and spend time in fields with livestock. It is a working urban farm, and therefore unfortunate stuff can sometimes happen.

I (or my child) might fall and be hurt, trip over a chicken, get nipped by a goat, possibly be frightened by a very large (but friendly) dog whose job is to guard the animals, fracture a limb, be kicked by an animal, be stung by an insect, have an allergic reaction to something, receive a cut that gets infected, a piece of equipment might unexpectedly break and cause injury, or some other unpredictable mishap can potentially occur and cause injury or even death when humans spend time in farm fields and feed and interact with farm animals and other visitors to the farm.

Growing Hope Farm is not able to supervise or take responsibility for the safety of me and/or my child(ren). I and my child(ren) enter at our own risk. I am solely responsible for my personal health and safety and that of any minor children who accompany me, and the personal property we bring with us. It is up to me to keep my eyes and ears open, pay attention to what is going on around us, look after my child(ren) and be careful where we walk and what we step in or step on.

I promise to keep my fingers and the fingers of my child(ren) out of the mouths of the animals (especially the goats), or at least not complain about it later if someone’s fingers get nipped when this warning is ignored!

It is also my responsibility to ensure that I (and particularly my child(ren) “play nice” and act respectfully towards the animals and towards other humans visiting the farm. Growing Hope Farm reserves the right to ask us to leave the premises, in their sole and absolute discretion, if I or my child(ren) behave in an aggressive or abusive manner that causes stress for the farm animals or unduly disturbs the enjoyment of other visitors. Our entrance fee will not be refunded if that becomes necessary.

By paying the entry fee and obtaining a ticket to enter past the gate into the farm, I, on behalf of myself and any minor children who accompany me, accept such risks as our own, and I hereby release Growing Hope Farm and its owners, employees, volunteers or agents from all liability or damages for any personal injury to me or my child(ren) or damage to property that may result from any cause whatsoever.

I intend by this Waiver and Release, in advance, to release the owners and operators of Growing Hope Farm and their employees, volunteers and agents from all claims for damages for personal injury or property damage or even death, that I may have, or which may later arise, as a result of my entrance on to the farm property and participation in any activities at Growing Hope Farm, even if that liability may arise from negligence, carelessness, or recklessness (whether simple or gross) on the part of the persons being released, or from dangerous or defective property or equipment owned, maintained, or controlled by them.

I have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a binding contract between myself and the owners of Growing Hope Farm. I understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue for any injuries or damages I or minor children who accompany me might experience while visiting Growing Hope Farm and participating in activities on its premises.

I acknowledge that agreeing to this Waiver and Release is in consideration for being permitted to attend and enter the premises of Growing Hope Farm and participate in its activities.

By purchasing my ticket(s) and attending the farm, I agree to and accept this Waiver and Release freely and voluntarily, on behalf of myself and any minor child who accompanies me, and I intend to be bound by it to the greatest extent allowed by law.



Tickets: $16.95

We accept cash/etransfer only.

PLEASE NOTE: every member of your party requires a ticket for admission! Parents & guardians need to purchase a ticket for themselves as well in order to accompany their children onto the farm property. Babies less than 1 year do not require a ticket.

How to get tickets?

100% of our proceeds go to Mennonite Central Commitees food security program. This program helps farmers overseas. Growing Hope Farm is run entirely by volunteers or students (which are paid through a summer grant program). The owners of the farm do not receive any financial benefits from running Growing Hope Farm.


Date & Time:

Saturdays, until August 29, 2020 | Various time slots


246 Sherring Street, Cambridge
Parking: DO NOT PARK ON NELSON ST. IT IS A NO PARKING ZONE AND BI-LAW WILL TICKET YOU! Park on Sherring st. or Eagle st and walk over to the farm. There is free 2 hr parking on all streets other then Nelson.

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