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Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery, Maple Creek, SK

Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery, Maple Creek, SK

About Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

Owned and operated by Marie and Marty Bohnet, the Cypress Hills Winery was winner of the Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence “Rookie of the Year” award in 2007, and “Business of the Year” in 2010. In 2014, the winery received their highest showing at the Canadian Wine Awards winning a “Double Gold Medal” in the Mead category for their honey infused “Spring” wine.


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Tasting Bar Notes

If you don’t like dry wines, skip the first two. If you don’t like sweet wines, skip the last four. But please feel free to enjoy them all!

Don’t want to drive? Wines can now be shipped safely and economically via Canada Post (in Saskatchewan and British Columbia) to customers 19 years of age or older. Please phone the Winery (306) 662-4100 to place your order.

The Wines are listed in order from Driest to Sweetest. Prices include taxes & deposits.

Chinook Red WineChinook 2010 – Made from imported Carnellion and Barbera grapes, Notes of cherry and smoke on the nose with a peppery finish make this an excellent red wine for a summertime Sangria! $25.75 (Limited Quantities)

McGarry White 2011 – The first edition of white wine from our grapes, this surely will become a collector’s item. Fresh lime zest and a hint of mint make this wine lively, crisp and joy to drink!
$48.00 per bottle

North Slope 2011 – Dried fruit, a hint of currants and plum preserves show themselves in this very drinkable red wine. Made from Sabrevois, Valliant and DM grapes, this wine pairs nicely with goose, duck and hearty winter fare. $ 48.00 per bottle

Sour Cherry Wine – The driest of our fruit wines, this social offering has an amazing cherry aroma and is a brilliant colour! Made from organically grown Saskatchewan Cherries. (Carmine Jewel) Serve chilled with good friends! 2010 Canadian Wine Awards bronze medal Winner, 2011 ACWC Bronze medal Winner! $18.98 (Available at most liquor stores in Saskatchewan)

Rhubarb Blend – The “flag ship” of the Winery and unquestionably our best seller, this off dry white wine pairs extremely well with Asian Spices. (Thai food, Curries etc.) $18.98 (Now available in SLGA stores)

Saskatoon Berry – A taste of Saskatchewan! Complex & “Twiggy”, this wine works well with barbequed hamburgers and smoked meats. Amber in colour and full of flavour, this wine appeals to Scotch drinkers. 2010 Canadian Wine Awards Bronze Medal Winner! $18.98 (Available at most liquor stores in Saskatchewan)

Chokecherry – Made from native berries this sweet wine has lots of tannin and is perfect for sipping after a meal. Works well with dark chocolate or a baked cheesecake. $18.98

Black Currant and Honey Wine – Also known as our Christmas Wine. Pleasing to a wide range of pallets. Great balance and long finish. 2010 & 2011 Canadian Wine Awards Bronze Medal Winner! $18.98 (Available at most liquor stores in Saskatchewan)

Spring – The sweet jewel in our line-up of fine wines is a fabulous pink colour and has a lovely round mouth feel. Late harvest Sour Cherries mingle with Local Honey. Voila! Magic in a bottle! 2013 Canadian Wine Awards Double Gold Medal Winner! $18.98

Mead – This sweet traditional Honey wine has a nice nutty finish thanks to the bees that feast on local golden rod in the late summer and early fall. Chill well and serve with dessert or in lieu of dessert. 2010 Canadian Wine Awards Bronze Medal Winner! $18.98 **** 375 ml bottle****

Prices for the Wines are marked on the shelves & include taxes and deposit. Please feel free to shop off the shelves.

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