Terra Lumina

August 14, 2020

October 11, 2020

$24.99 to $29.99

Toronto Zoo, 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto



Events Description

Get ready for a mindblowing experience in Scarborough.Enjoy an immersive experience along a 1.5 km walking path that travels into the future and back. Terra Lumina is the eleventh unique experience created in Moment Factory’s Lumina night walk series.

Step through a portal of light into 2099, a time when the world glows with possibility. Humans have learned to live in harmony with nature and wildlife, filling the planet with enchantment. Explore the bright wonders of a thriving future, where hope blossoms all around. Then return to the present with the inspiring secrets of tomorrow.

Created specifically for the Toronto Zoo, Terra Lumina creates positive moments of connection. Vibrant lighting, multimedia effects, animated projections, inspiring storytelling, and an original score conjure an immersive future world that shares a message of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The symbol of Terra Lumina draws together the narrative threads of the experience to illustrate its storytelling arc and themes. It features the twilight portal people pass through to access the adventure, and what they will find there — the metaphorical seeds of change, the wisdom of future wildlife — and two stylized markings that express the change of perspective that happens during their passage through this enchanted world.

Who is it for?



Tickets : Adult (13-64): $29.99 + HST
Child Rate (3-12): $24.99 + HST
Senior Rate (65+): $27.99 + HST

Animals are not visible during your Terra Lumina experience.

How to get tickets?


At the door, if available


Date & Time: Thursdays to Sundays & Holiday Mondays, August 14 to October 11 | 08:45 PM to 09:30 PM (start time varies w.r.t sunset times) to 08:00 PM to 10:15 PM

Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time

Departure times every 15 minutes.

Venue: Toronto Zoo, 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto

Paid Parking – $14 for Terra Lumina Parking.
Public transport accessible

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