Wildlife Eco-Tours

Bones Bay, Minstrel Island, BC, Canada



mid May through early October

About Wildlife Eco-tours, British Columbia

Wildlife Eco-tours is organised by Bones Bay Lodge Ltd. Experience West Coast’s diverse marine and native wildlife in their natural habitat. Visit one of the largest temperate rainforest in the world- The Great Bear Rainforest- home to many species of animals including the Grizzly and Black Bears.

Wildlife Eco-tours is a Canadian Signature Experience.


What to Do at Wildlife Eco-tours?

Begin your journey viewing the splendor and beauty of the glacial carved Knight inlet and adjoining channels and bays as you fly in. Your stay is arranged at Bones Bay Lodge, a small remote lodge located on the edge of the rainforest. Your trips will take you to see Grizzly bears- watch them as they feed on salmon. See spectacular sights, cascading waterfalls, enjoy the sights of Orcas, Pacific Gray, and Minke whales. View Humpback whales breaching out of water. You are also taken on a trip to the historic Telegraph Cove where you can learn more about whales at the Whale Interptretive Centre. Other wildlife you can spot are Porpoises, White-sided Dolphins, Seals, Black Bears, Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, and Pacific Great Blue Herons.

Things to do/Activities included

  • Sightseeing and photographic cruise near the Lodge
  • All-day trip to estuaries or rivers (which may include Glendale CoveKakweiken River,Port Neville, Fulmore River)
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Grizzly Bear viewing at the Great Bear Rainforest
  • All-day trip to Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound to view pods of Orcas, Humpback Whales
  • Visit historic Telegraph Cove, Johnstone Straight, Whale Interpretive Centre
  • 3 hour “Captain’s Pick” tour highlighting local historic points
  • Enjoy specially created seasonal menu at the LOdge

When to go on Wildlife Eco-tours ?

Tour dates:

mid May through early October

Time required to visit:

4 days/3 nights

3 day / 2 night packages and pricing are available upon request and availability

Best time to visit:

Grizzly Bear and or Black Bear viewing: Early spring through the fall with peak viewing in the late summer and early fall.

Whales, Porpoises, Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, and Pacific Great Blue Herons: Throughout the season.

Orca Whales: late June through mid September.


How to get to Wildlife Eco-tours ?

Photo Credit: Bones Bay Lodge

Bones Bay Lodge is located in Clio Channel, near Minstrel Island, Knight Inlet, B.C.

Your tour itinerary starts with the 1-hour morning flight from Vancouver, BC to Campbell River, BC. Visitors flying into Campbell River airport are transferred to a float plane (45-minute flight) to travel to Bones Bay Lodge. Those who prefer not to fly on a float plane has the option to take a boat shuttle from the community of Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island to the Lodge (42 km).

There is a $200 price reduction per guest for a Campbell River, B.C. departure ILO Vancouver, B.C. Additional nights are available at the rate of $500/night/guest

Participants can also opt for a Fishing and Wildlife Eco-Tour Package.

Amenities & Other Information

The package comes with return airfare from Vancouver, BC or Campbell River, BC to Bones Bay Lodge, 3 nights accommodation, guided tours, all meals and complimentary snacks, complimentary wine with dinner, All weather gear, including Coast Guard approved floatation suits, B.C. Provincial hotel tax

Gratuity for staff (recommended amount is $25 per day per guest for the duration of your stay)and Non-resident fishing license are not included in the package.

Minimum child age for the tour is 8 years old.

Travellers flying by float planes to the lodge are advised to pack lightly (under 12 kgs).

Please carry all-weather jacket, binoculars, rubber-soled shoes, any medicines you might require, insect repellent and sunscreen.

All Photos Credit: Bones Bay Lodge Ltd

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