25 Edmonton Restaurants Open on December 25th


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For those who either don’t celebrate Christmas or don’t celebrate the idea of cooking on Christmas Day, there are a few local restaurants around Edmonton that remain open. All across the YEG area, there are dedicated chefs and restauranteurs open 7 days a week to serve us their best creations when we are at our hungriest. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all in-person dining is prohibited in Alberta, so all of these stops are for take-out or delivery only.

Support local this Christmas.

Golden Rice Bowl

This south-side restaurant is open all holidays for your convenience, but as the one of the most popular authentic Chinese food eateries in Edmonton, they are also busy on holidays. Call ahead as soon as you know what you’d like to order, and you can stop by to pick it up on Christmas Day.

Their menu presents a wide variety of options like pork and chicken dishes, vegetarian selections, seafood, Chop Suey, noodle dishes, rice dishes, and a ton of tasty shareables.

Receive 10% off your order under $100 by ordering online or over the phone and receive 20% off orders over $100.


How to order: by phone or website; pick-up.

Address: 5365 Gateway Boulevard

Phone: (780) 435-3388

Saffron Indian Cuisine

Their goal is to make their dishes as enticing as the brightly coloured yellow saffron spice, and they do so with a selection of traditional Indian dishes, and a selection of fusion dishes. Saffron sources as many local ingredients as possible and are dedicated to gifting you an authentic Indian culinary experience.


How to order: Door Dash or Skip the Dishes

Address: 469 Parsons Rd SW

Phone:(780) 490-7088 / (587) 463-7066

Ellwood Pizza

Grab a holiday pie- a holiday pizza pie! Ellwood offers a ton of uniquely topped pizzas like Greek, Mexican, Chicken Delight, or Shrimp, as well as plenty of side options like salads, bread sticks, and wings. And on top of a huge menu, Ellwood also has a large menu of deals and special offers to help you save money on Christmas day.


How to order: by phone or website

Address: 2431 Ellwood Dr. SW

Phone: (780) 465-0014


Enjoy traditional Japanese fare this Christmas day with Nomiya and their two south-side locations. Nomiya is best-known for their ramen dishes but can also create some amazing sushi rolls and sashimi. But if you’re coming here for ramen, we suggest a Tonkotsu Ramen Kit; this filling dish includes the broth, noodles, Chashu, Naruto, corn, bamboo shoots, green onions, and two eggs- these kits can also be upgraded to include some brews or sodas.


How to order: website or by phone

Address: 11160 Ellerslie Rd.

Phone: (780) 988-0989

Address:#646, 3803 Calgary Tr.

Phone: (780) 462-1300

Good Buddy Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for a great shareable meal for those in your cohort this Christmas, then we suggest Good Buddy and their traditional, yet unbelievably large, Cantonese dishes. Good Buddy is also offering some unbeatable deals to help ease the financial strain of the holidays: pick from combos for 1-6 people, appetizers, rice dishes, chow mein dishes, chop suey, and a lot more.


How to order: website or by phone

Address: 2059 111 St NW

Phone: (780) 432-6050


Inside DAORE’s kitchen is over 20 years of Korean culinary experience from a chef dedicated to serving up fresh ingredients in high-quality dishes. Some authentic Korean fare you can enjoy with DAORE include deep fried chicken, bulgogi, and a wide array of meat and vegetarian soups.


How to order: by phone, in-person, or Skip the Dishes

Address: 9332 34 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 433-0526

Ayesha’s Kitchen

From Ayesha’s Kitchen you’re served authentic Pakistani Halal cuisine and groceries, but most importantly, what feels like a home-cooked meal. Their menu provides options for all ages, and different dishes to try for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


How to order

Address: 2807 116 St. NW

Phone: (780) 761-3219

Bete Africa Ethiopian Restaurant

Enjoy savoury and flavourful dishes of rice, beef, lamb, vegetables, seafood, and more, all with authentic Ethiopian flavours. This go-to place for the best foods of the region combine traditional dishes with a modern touch to bring out the best and tastiest of Ethiopian cuisine.

How to order: phone or in-person


Address: 9570 111 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 756-3494

Zuhur Restaurant

Zuhur is open ever day of the year in a central-Edmonton location to serve up delicious East African main courses: lamb shank, grilled chicken, and beef steak, with sides like fresh-baked biscuits, fresh vegetables, rice, or pasta. Finish your meal with a cheesecake or mango shake.


How to order: website or phone

Address: 1231 10728 107 Ave

Phone: (780) 705-2225

Veggie Garden

This tasty vegetarian option offers up all kinds of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, and is in the central neighbourhood of north downtown Edmonton. Try a classic Edmonton Green Cilantro Cake, spring and salad rolls, soups, vermicelli bowls, and vegan BBQ drumsticks! Or add some sizzle to your season with their large platters and combo meals.


How to order: phone

Phone: (780) 757-9060

Address: 10582 100 St. NW

Mood Café

If you’re just looking for a snack or drink on the 25th, this local café is open with limited hours to serve you cozy cups of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. If you’re in the Belgravia neighbourhood, or out for a river valley walk while we do things a little differently this Christmas, then we recommend a quick stop in to Mood Café for a mood and/or caffeine boost.


How to order: in-person

Address: 7601 115 Street

Phone: (780) 760-6663

King Noodle House

Enjoy a holiday bowl of Pho this year if you don’t feel like cooking on Christmas day. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup and at King Noodle House, their broth is pre-simmered for 14 hours. Their offerings extend beyond soup as well, with appetizers like spring rolls, or rice and vermicelli bowls.


How to order: phone or email

Address: 10615 97 St.

Phone: 780-428-8983


Village East African Restaurant

Select from a variety of East African dishes prepared in a variety of ways, and all sure to leave you full on Christmas Day. From their breakfast menu, try a savoury beef or chicken Suqar (stew), Burash, or an omlette. For lunch and dinner, Village offers combos with a soup and drink to complement entrees like lamb shank, fal-fal goat, grilled salmon, or a wrap. No matter what you are in the mood for on the 25th, Village is like to have a tasty option for you.


How to order: phone or in-person

Address: 10117 107 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 424-5244

Kathmandu Rasoi

Grab some East Indian/Nepalese cuisine from Edmonton’s West end at Kathmandu Rasoi, open all day December 25. Their authentic menu includes appies like pakoras, samosas, chaat, aloo tiki, and naan with hummus; and, a huge selection of entrées sure to fill you for your holiday.


How to order: call for pick-up; Skip the Dishes for delivery

Address: 17759 98A Ave.

Phone: 780-756-0112

The Bedouins

Located in the north west neighbourhood of Castle Downs, The Bedouins is a Libyan restaurant offering culinary treats and the best of North African food. They offer a variety of traditional meals and dishes, many of which are combined with western culinary traditions and touches.


How to order:

Address: 13716 Castle Downs Road NW

Phone: (780) 478-6979

Saigon Flavours

This is a north east Edmonton favourite for authentic Vietnamese dishes and flavours, served to you in several ways through several appetizers, soups, and entrees. All the entrees make great sharable dishes for you and your Christmas cohort as well. Choose from plates of egg noodles, rice, rice noodles, pan fried meats and seafoods, and a number of vegetarian options.


How to order: phone for pickup, Skip the Dishes for delivery

Address: 13038 50 St. NW

Phone: (780) 475-8182

Hansik Korean Cuisine

At Hansik you can expect top-quality authentic Korean food with a huge variety of menu options to choose from. Try a Cold Noodle dish, Bibimbap, different stir-fries, Jjigae (stew), or savoury soups. Their fresh ingredients make for some refreshing dishes, and can be paired with a traditional side like kimchi or pickled radish.


How to order: by phone or Skip the Dishes

Address: 13727 127 St NW

Phone: (587) 881-1702

Maple Pizza and Donair

Feast on Maple’s casual but delicious menu- this local pizza joint serves up a ton of different flavours including classics like Cheese, Pepperoni, or Hawaiian, as well as speciality pizzas like Chicken Deluxe, Butter Chicken, Donair Pizza, and more. Maple Pizza also serves donairs, wings, and sides.


How to order: website, Skip the Dishes or Doordash

Address: 13020 50 St NW

Phone: (780) 406-1001

Turquaz Kebab House

Turquaz: Kebab House, and a bakery. Enjoy freshly made Lebanese and Turkish cuisine consisting of fresh-baked Pide in an assortment of flavours, fresh salads, and kebab or shawarma wraps. Turquaz is in the north west part of Edmonton, and can take your order by phone, or on Skip for delivery.


How to order: phone or Skip the Dishes

Address: 13310 137 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 476-4511

Sahara Palace

Located in north Edmonton, Sahara is a place for authentic and flavourful Mediterranean cuisine. They offer a colourful menu with some Mediterranean twists on some Canadian classics: try a Sahara poutine, Falafel sliders, or some cauliflower bites to start.


How to order: phone

Address: 10807 Castle Downs Rd NW

Phone: 780-371-1113


Gregg Mediterranean


Fresh. Flavourful. Savoury. These are just a few things which will come to mind when tasting Gregg’s numerous Mediterranean dishes like spiced kabobs, mouth-watering baklava, or delicious shawarma. In addition to these classics, Gregg’s also offers pastas, burgers, and more desserts.


How to order: phone or Skip the Dishes

Address: 25 Sioux Rd., Sherwood Park

Phone: (780) 449-0485


The Sushi Pack


This food delivery service specializes in a Sushi Bake: a take-home tray of sushi delights meant for popping in the oven, reheating, and enjoying. How does the delivery service work? Their main site is in St. Albert, but Sushi Pack provides pick-up points at West Edmonton Mall, Northgate Centre, Manning Town Centre, and H-Mart Calgary Trail. Simply order online, pick-up, heat, and eat!


How to order: complete online order form

Address: 31 Newgate Way, St. Albert

Phone: (780) 860-6876


Chef’s Butter Chicken


The warm plates from Chef’s Butter Chicken are great for Christmas Day, leaving you feeling cozy and satisfied amidst the cold weather. The west-end restaurant offers an array of authentic Indian dishes from soups and starters, to main course curries with vegetables, chicken, or paneer.


How to order: In person or by phone

Address: 19926 Lessard Rd NW

Phone: (780) 413-2231


Tiffin – India’s Fresh Kitchen


With 3 locations in Edmonton, Tiffin can make a convenient and cost-efficient Christmas Day lunch or dinner. Additionally, Tiffin makes great food. Their menu offers a huge variety of fresh Indian dishes, all of which are sure to leave you full, or with leftovers for Boxing Day. They also have a number of combo options for duos and larger groups.

Menu (select your location first)

How to order: Phone, in-person, or Skip the Dishes for delivery

Address & Phone: 5135 Ellerslie Road SW – (780) 244-8433

10404 Jasper Ave – (780) 244-8433

6089 Currents Drive – (780) 244-8433


Tropika Malaysian Cuisine


Tropika wants you to experience the “hearty simplicity” of Malaysian and Thai cuisine by offering mouth-watering dishes like a spicy eggplant dish, noodle bowls, rice bowls, BBQ dishes, and a lot more. They are just south of Old Strathcona and can offer pick-up or delivery.


How to order: Tropika App, or phone

Address: 6004 – 104 St.

Phone: 780-439-6699

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