14 Fishing Spots In Toronto/GTA To Go For Fishing With Kids

imageLocated on the shores of Lake Ontario and blessed with rivers that flow into the Lake, Toronto and GTA has one of the best urban fishing opportunities in North America. This article lists fourteen great fishing locations in and around Toronto.

Before you go: Get license for you. No Outdoors Card or fishing licence tag required for under 18 years old or 65 years+.

How To Go For Fishing With Kids

Here are some valuable tips you should consider:

1. Keeping it Simple
We know that you would love to teach your kids how to fish, but keep in mind that they are kids and technical terms might make it hard for them to understand.
So, the best way to teach your kid is by making them go through the basics first. Answer their queries patiently. If you rush through the process, then they might end up hating it altogether.

2. Have Patience With Your Child
If you are teaching him/her to fish, then they might not seem to understand certain things. So, at this time don’t give up on them, instead, try to teach it in a different way. Most parents get frustrated and leave the idea of teaching their kids.
The best way to teach your kid is through explaining things in steps. Keep patience if your kid is unable to understand certain points.

3. Kid Friendly Equipment
Now, this is pretty important that you use kid friendly fishing rods and hooks. Normal fishing rods are good for anglers, but for kids, you must purchase no tangle rods. These rods don’t tangle up and keeps it easy to cast.
Apart from that kids will also love the colorful hooks and design. The hooks are made up of plastic making it completely safe to use. So, make sure that you are purchasing it before teaching your kid how to fish.

4. Keep Your Expectations Low
Some parents think that if they are taking their kid for fishing, then they should atleast catch one or two fish. This will keep the kids under pressure. So, it’s best to lower your expectations.
Meanwhile also make sure that you are not letting them fish for hours. Otherwise, it will make it a boring sport for them. If you want your kids to fall in love with fishing, then that would certainly take time.

5. Safety First
Apart from everything when you are with your kids, you must set some rules that would ensure that your kids are safe. Tell them not leave your sight, and always give them a life jacket in case they fall in the water. Though they might know how to swim, they might panic. Kids should not be taken in places where professional fishing is practised.
Always remember that safety is the prime motto and everything else comes after that. Fishing also provides a great way to bond with your kids.

14 Fishing Spots in Toronto


If you have made a choice for fishing lines, here are 14 great spots in Toronto. So, pack picnic basket and get fishing!

1. Toronto Islands
Torotonians must visit summer destination is also a great spot for fishing but there are other recreational activities too. Apart from fishing, Kids can enjoy the amusement park and beautiful beaches too. Kind of fishes found inhere are Bass, Pike, Sunfish, Carp, and Perch.

2. Tommy Thompson Park
Tommy Thompson Park is quite a unique location in Lake Ontario and provides wonderful spot for fishing. The park represents some of the largest existing natural habitat on the Toronto waterfront. Wildflower meadows, cottonwood forests, coastal marshes, cobble beaches and sand dunes are just some of the habitats at Tommy Thompson Park.

I enjoy being here with my family and fishing in this park is simply marvellous.
Tommy Thompson park offers Largemouth Bass, Perch, Black Crappie, Lake Trout, and Carp.

3. Ashbridges Bay Park

Ashbridges Bay Park is located at the Beaches. It was named after famous Sarah Ashbridge who was allotted this land in 1740.

This park has Pike, Carp, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish, and Perch to offer.

4. Grenadier Pond
Located in High Park, Grenadier Pond another great location to go for fishing in Toronto.
There are permitted fishing areas in the high park where people can come for fishing with their families.
You can expect to catch Sunfish, Pike, Bass, Carp and Perch.

5. Humber River Marsh
Humber River Marsh is one of the best places in Toronto for fishing with family and kids. There are many locations like, the marsh area which is located below the Mimico Creek. Apart from this location, you can also catch fishes from the east bay section and the Marina Boardwalk. All these spots are great regarding catching different species of fishes throughout the year. e.
Fishes you can get here are Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Fresh Waterdrum, Chinook Salmon, Carp, Black Crappie, Sunfish, and Pike.

6. Rouge Marsh
Rouge Marsh is located at the end of Lawrence Avenue in Scarborough.
The river meets the beach at the very end, and this makes it the perfect place for anglers to cast. Some of the fishes available are Pike, Brown Trout and many others. The marshes are having parking facility available, and it’s a very short walk to the spot. You can catch creek Chub, Carp, Bass, Pike, Sunfish and Perch.

7. Buffler’s Park

Buffler’s Park is located right at the very end of Brimley Road in Scarborough. The spot is great seasonal fishing as it offers varieties of fishes during the peak season. Apart from seasonal fishing it also offers beautiful scenery of Trails and eroding cliffs. Buffler’s park one of those spots where people have recorded fishing walleye, that is not so common catch. Apart from Walleye, Rainbow trout and brown trout is also a major catch during the summer season. Two parking lots are available, but they fill up fast during the summers.

Buffler’s park offers Walleye, Carp, Perch, Bass, and Sunfish.

8. Colonel Samuel Smith Park
Colonel Samuel Smith Park is located right at the end of Kipling Avenue along with Lakeshore Boulevard. This park is having excellent fishing locations and is recommended for all ages. You can even bring your family and kids for fishing at this location. Parking is available, and its close to the park.
Predatory species like Red Goby are also found in waters, and if someone catches it, then it is recommended to not leave it back in the waters as they eat eggs of other fishes. Brown Bullhead also known as Catfish is quite common here. Apart from that you can expect Bass, Sunfish, Pike and Carp.

9. Duffins Creek Marsh

Duffins Creek Marsh is located in Ajax.

White bass is common during the peak seasons, and normally you can catch Carp, Pike, and Sunfish.

10. Frenchman’s Bay
Frenchman’s Bay is located in Pickering and offers great fishing spots for anglers who love to fish with their family and kids. The diverse ecosystem offers lots of opportunities to catch Pike, Carp and Black Crappie. One can also catch Walleye during the summers. There are two dedicated parking lots available, and public washrooms are also available.
Boat fishing along with shoreline fishing is available at Frenchman’s Bay. So, you can choose the type of fishing you want to do. Brown Bullheads along with Sunfish, Perch, Bass, Black Crappie, and Carp can be found here.

More places in Durham (from Ontario.ca):

  • Wilmot Creek: creek crossing at Highway 2
  • Wilmot Creek: downstream of Highway 401 railway crossing
  • Kendal Crown Property: Regional Road 9, east of Highway 35/115
  • Joe Fowler Memorial Park: Port Perry off Water St.
  • Trent Canal: Gambridge Lock 41 under Highway 12 bridge
  • Nonquon River: between 8th and 12th Concession
  • Bowmanville Harbour Conservation Area: Liberty St., south of Highway 401
  • Bowmanville Valley Conservation Area: Roenick St., south of Highway 2
  • Heber Down Conservation Area: Regional Rd. 23 and Highway 12 N. of Taunton Rd.
  • Lynde Shores Conservation Area: Brock St. south of Highway 401
  • Oshawa Valleylands Conservation Area: Simcoe St., south of Highway 401, west to Whiting Ave.
  • Lake Simcoe, Beaverton Public Pier – Beaverton Harbor
  • Lake Scugog, Public Launch Port Perry
  • Talbot River, Gamebridge Crown Land Property (adjacent to lock 41)

11. Ross Lord Park Reservoir

Ross Lord Park Reservoir is located near Finch and Dufferin. It offers a great spot for fishing, and you can catch Rock Bass, Pike, Carp, and Brown Bullhead at this location.

12. Marie Curtis Park

Marie Curtis Park is located at the border of Toronto and Mississauga. You can get the opportunity to catch Salmon and Trout during the summer seasons. Parking is also available on the west side of the park.

Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Carp and Sunfish can be caught here easily.

13. Heart Lake

Heart Lake Conservation area is a great family fun nature destination.You can expect to catch Carp, Pike, Black Crappie, Sunfish, and other fishes too. From fishing in the lake or swimming at the pool pool and splash pad, to zipping on the twin zip lines, there are plenty to do at Heart Lake Conservation area.

More places in Peel & Halton

  • Burns Conservation Area: Twiss Rd. and #10 Sideroad
  • Bronte Harbour Park: Lakeshore Rd. W. at Bronte Rd.
  • Tannery Park: Chisholm St., south of Lakeshore Rd. E.
  • Parr Lake Brampton
  • Professors Lake Brampton
  • Esker Lakes Brampton
  • Lake Aquitaine Mississauga

14. Summerlea Park
Summerlea Park covers an area of 23 hectares, and it is located near to Islington Avenue and Albion Road. The fishing locations are near the West Branch of Humber River. This is indeed a great location for fishing with your family.

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