Where to Go to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner or Brunch in Halifax Metro

Ah, Thanksgiving, my favourite holiday because it ushers in fall and the only expectation is to eat a bunch of food with people you love (or tolerate, but just give them more food and then their mouths will be full). If cooking isn’t your thing though, going out or ordering in is a great way to take some of the stress out of the day. I’ve included several restaurants that sell turkey dinners and other classic Thanksgiving dishes, but there’s also a few surprises in there. Like I said, there’s only one expectation of Thanksgiving, so why not throw in some variety every once in a while?


Things to Do During Thanksgiving Weekend in Halifax

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1. Thanksgiving Dinner to Go

If you want to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in the comfort of your home with your bubble, place an order with Kitchen Door! Kitchen Door is a company that makes food fun and easy, whether you’re taking one of their virtual cooking classes, buying their fresh or frozen food that you can heat and serve at home, or getting an event catered. For Thanksgiving, their regular menu is available, but their Thanksgiving menu to go is the star of the show. You can get a fully cooked meal for up to 12 people, with only heating required. Order by October 7th and get your oven ready to enjoy a quick and delicious Thanksgiving feast.

Address: 110 Higney Avenue, Suite 100, Dartmouth


Ordering Details:

The order deadline is Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pick-up is Friday, October 9 (between 3 pm – 6 pm) & Saturday, October 10 (between 9 am – 1 pm)

Delivery is Friday, October 9 (between 3 pm – 5 pm) & Saturday, October 10 (between 11 am – 3 pm)

Cost: $79.00 – $450.00

2. Seasons by Atlantica Thanksgiving Dinner

If you want to have a stress free Thanksgiving dinner with the family, head toSeasons by Atlantica for a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Reservations for this popular holiday special are highly recommended. Make your reservation by calling 902-490-3331.



3. Ardmore

Ah, this classic diner is a Halifax classic, open for over fifty years. They’ve got hot turkey sandwiches and turkey dinners all year round, but they’ve also got a bunch of other comfort food options for those who don’t love turkey. The prices are unbeatable and the atmosphere is cozy, perfect for a family dinner. Details

Note: They only take cash, but if you forget there’s an Irving right down the street with an ATM.

Address: 6499 Quinpool Road, Halifax; 902-423-7523

4. Le Bistro by Liz


Le Bistro will add some French flair to your Thanksgiving meal. Styled as a traditional French bistro, this restaurant gives you a wide variety of comfort foods for dinner, or if you’re feeling adventurous you could have a Thanksgiving brunch instead. Gourmet food at affordable prices: the perfect way to feast.

Address: 1333 South Park, Halifax; Phone: 902-423-8428

5. The Bluenose II

The Bluenose II is another restaurant over 50 years old, and like the Ardmore it’s earned its place with great food and atmosphere. This is my favourite place to get a hot turkey sandwich (except Tom’s, see below), and they’ve got a bunch of other diner specials, seafood options, and even a lobster dinner if you want to bring a little seaside spirit to Thanksgiving. They’ve also got stunning desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth, so it takes a moment to realize that the food here is affordable and perfect for sharing plates so everyone can try all kinds of things.

Address: 1824 Hollis Street, Halifax

Phone: 902-425-5092

6. Darrell’s

If this is your first time going out for Thanksgiving, why not start a new tradition? Turkey dinner is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but maybe burgers could be an option. They come with sides, usually great drinks, and you know what you’re getting into. Darrell’s is an awesome place to try out a new tradition, with award-winning burgers and milkshakes, great pitas, food options for vegans and vegetarians, and awesome desserts (and yes, you are allowed to have a milkshake and a dessert, I have decreed it). It’s a comfy diner just off the busy streets of downtown, making it a perfect central location to meet up and feast.

Address: 5576 Fenwick Street, Halifax

Phone: 1-902-425-4742

7. En Vie

Some people are vegan, and they should get a fantastic meal out on Thanksgiving too. If you’ve got vegans in your bubble, you should check out En Vie. This Hydrostone restaurant is small but mighty, with a creative and entirely vegan menu that also includes gluten-, soy- and nut-free options. It’s local food done delicious and vegan, with some smaller dessert options and a great drink menu. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy Thanksgiving Sunday (they’re always closed on Monday), head in and try the best vegan options the North End has to offer.

Address: 5775 Charles Street, Halifax

Phone: 902-492-4077

8. The Esquire

Okay, the Esquire restaurant is a special place all year round, but fall shows off all its glory. A classic-style dinner (sign and all), with incredible seafood chowder…everything else is great too but I could eat their seafood chowder every day and never get tired of it. They have roast turkey dinners with all the fixings, and other awesome diner options, including a solid kid’s menu and plenty of dessert. And seafood chowder—I mentioned that, right?

Address: 772 Bedford Highway, Bedford

Phone: 902-835-9033

9. Moxie’s


With three locations in the HRM, Moxie’s is a splendid Thanksgiving option whether you want to dine in or take out. You can pre-order the takeout menu before Thursday, October 8th, to be picked up on Sunday. It’s a 3 course meal that has all the trimmings and a white chocolate brownie for dessert. You can get the meal for several people (about 25$ per person), and if you want to dine-in, you can do so at any of the three locations and enjoy the same delicious 3-course meal.


Okay, remember how I said there were some options that were a little out there? Cora’s is a breakfast and brunch focused restaurant, with most of its locations in the HRM closing by 3pm. But you know what? You’ll get a great array of sweet and savoury food there, they cater to different dietary preferences and allergies, and then you’re free to spend the rest of the day how you like. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let’s be Thankful and enjoy a breakfast feast.

10. Smitty’s

My second “out-there” option doesn’t actually have to be “out there”. While Smitty’s is known for being an awesome breakfast place, they do have lunch food, including a turkey dinner! This means that if people want to tradition it up they can, but you can also get pancakes or French toast! They have pie for dessert as well as cheesecake, once again making it a great place to celebrate old and new traditions with the people you love.

11. Wasabi House

Last and certainly not least…why not go completely outside the box and get sushi for Thanksgiving? Wasabi House has been popular from the moment they opened for fantastic sushi in big portions at awesome prices, which is perfect for a sushi-loving guest list. Get a big spread of your favourites, get everyone to bring dessert, and have a sushi potluck Thanksgiving.

6403 Quinpool Road, Halifax


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