Retail Council of Canada: This is How To Shop During COVID-19

image Retail Council of Canada (RCC) has released a short video to explain the precautions and guidelines grocery and drugstore shoppers should follow during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep customers, retail employees and communities across Canada safe.

Guidelines From the Retail Council of Canada



  • If you’re sick, or have been asked to quarantine at home, don’t go to your local grocery or drugstore. Use contactless delivery and have someone drop them off at your door, knock, then retreat to a safe distance!
  • While we all feel isolated and look for ways to fill our days, to keep our loved ones busy, we need to remember that we must avoid planning our grocery or drugstore trips with others in tow. Just designate one person to shop! Shop alone.


  • Practice Physical Distancing – 2M or 6ft. (That’s the length of an average hockey stick 😊)
  • Be considerate. Only buy what you need! Only touch what you take.
  • Wash your hands before and after you shop and use sanitizer whenever you can.
  • When paying for your goods, use contactless debit or credit / tap wherever possible.
  • If you use re-usable bags – wash them before and after your shopping trip – and if possible, bag items yourself – or don’t use them at all right now.
  • Be kind – we are all in this together.

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