These are the Cleanest Toronto Beaches for 2021 Summer


Wondering where to enjoy clean Ontario waters this summer? Eight Toronto beaches have received blue flag certification for the year 2021.

Blue flag certification is an internationally recognized program that awards blue flags to communities committed to maintaining high standards for water quality. These beaches are great to visit with toddlers and young kids for worry-free water play.


To be certified, “A Blue Flag beach must have at least one sampling point, which must be located where the concentration of bathers is highest. In addition, where there are potential sources of pollution, e.g. near streams, rivers or other inlets, storm water outlets, etc. additional sampling points must be established at these sites to provide evidence that such inflows do not affect bathing water quality. The beach must comply with the Blue Flag requirements for the microbiological parameter Escherichia coli (faecal coli bacteria) and intestinal enterococci (streptococci).”

This year, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club was also certified as a Blue Flag marina. This marks the first marina in Toronto to be awarded the Blue Flag.

Toronto’s Blue Flag beaches in 2021:

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