Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton

Credit: Kb & co

Edmonton’s vegetarian and vegan food scene is growing quickly – like a weed, in fact! And, you no longer have to settle for the few veggie options at the regular restaurants. No, now you can dine at a place that has your best interests at heart, with a solely plant-based menu. Here is a list of 20+ top vegetarian restaurants in Edmonton.

I. Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton – Southside

1. Kb&co


Kb&co puts an emphasis on conscious eating, providing fast, casual, and plant-based meal and snack options. They’re mindful of their environmental impact, and make it easy for you to do the same when it comes to great food. From sweet smoothies to green bowls, the menu is varied and delicious.
Address: 5244 Windermere Rd
Phone: 780-760-5432

2. The Workshop Eatery

Workshop Eatery aims to serve up seasonal meals, using fresh, local ingredients to handcraft unique and delicious meals. They make as much as they can in house, right down to the ketchup. Their menu may be small, but that’s just to make sure each dish is created with quality.
Address: 2003 91 Street
Phone: 780-705-2205

3. Good Stock Restaurant

Good Stock uses whole food ingredients to create plant-based meals for both eat in and take out service. Healthy, homestyle dishes will make you feel right at home, whether you eat in or take them to go and cook at home as part of the take and bake menu. They use no oil or refined sugar, elevating their food just that much further.
Address: 11409 40 Ave
Phone: 587-499-8793

4. Padmandi

Padmandi’s new southside location is perfect for lunch and dinner. The food is an unforgettable blend of Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian dishes, bringing the menu to the next level. Plus, what’s better than brunch? A vegan brunch that won’t have you leaving hungry.
Address: 106 6925 Gateway Blvd NW
Phone: 587-469-4152

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5. Loma House Vegetarian Express

Loma House opened in 2010 as a family-owned restaurant aiming to bring the finest of vegetarian cuisine to Edmonton. Their unique mean substitutes are the owners’ own favourites for ensuring the dishes are anything but bland. They mimic Chinese dishes and flavouring, using mushroom spices to avoid the use of MSG.
Address: 9142 23 Ave NW
Phone: 780-466-8391

6. Bombay Chaat & Paan

Get traditional Indian food at Bombay Chaat & Paan that you won’t forget. Check out their menu online before you go – there are so many options you’ll need the extra time to narrow down what you’ll be eating. They also offer delivery and take out, so you can enjoy your meal at home.
Address: 3464 93 St

7. The Punjab Parantha Hut

Authentic Indian cuisine, certified to be 100 percent vegetarian. What could be better? With 25 years of experience, they certainly have made a name for themselves throughout the city, with customers coming from all round town for such dishes as parathas and dosa.
Address: 6574 28 Ave
Phone: 780-250-1881

II. Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton – West End

1. Sweet Pea Cafe & Playhouse

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton

Credit: Sweet Pea Cafe & Playhouse

Sweet Pea Cafe & Playhouse is perfect for a day out with the kiddos. Healthy, plant-based food (including desserts) on one side of the cafe; dress up and play space on the other side for kids to feed their imaginations. They pride themselves of serving food that has been developed in the most sustainable way possible.
Address: 14238 85 Ave
Phone: 825-201-8242

2. The Happy Camel Mediterranean Pita Bakery and Deli

Voted one of Edmonton’s top 100 things to eat or drink by “The Tomato,” you don’t want to miss The Happy Camel. They focus on healthy food, so you can live a healthy life. Discover a wide selection of Mediterranean hummus, baked pita, dips, and more. You can also find them at various farmers markets around the city.
Address: 6404 177 St
Phone: 780-487-7482

III. Vegetarian Restaurants in Old Strathcona

1. The Buckingham

The Buckingham has made a name for itself as a go-to pub on Whyte. And, it’s easy to see why. Their all-vegan menu is so extensive, you won’t even notice the lack of meat dishes. Plus, it’s always a hit destination for live music and dancing.
Address: 10439 82 Ave NW
Phone: 780-61-1002

2. Frickin’ Delights Donuts

Frickin’ Delights opened first in Devon, but their new location in Edmonton has quickly made an impact on the city. Not only can you get delicious vegan donuts, with a flavour selection that changes up week to week, but you can also get a selection of food for your main meal before (or after!) you enjoy dessert. Try their dill pickle soup – it’s delicious.
Address: 8011 102 St NW

3. Cafe Mosaics

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton

Credit: Cafe Mosaics

Cafe Mosaics make most of their food and drink in house, ensuring it is all made with only the best ingredients and practices. First opening in the 1990s, it’s a place where you can listen to rock music, enjoy local art, and eat a vegetarian meal all under one roof. It’s a favourite hidden gem on Whyte.
Address: 10844 82 Ave
Phone: 780-433-9702

IV. Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Downtown Edmonton

1. The Moth Café

Cozy and unique, The Moth Cafe will have you coming back again and again. Find sweet treats and savoury dishes alike, making it perfect for a visit any time of day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One of the most talked about dishes is their raw key lime cheesecake, so make sure to give it a try.
Address: 9449 Jasper Ave
Phone: 780-244-9702

2. Die Pie

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton

Credit: Die Pie

Die Pie is considered to be one of the premiere restaurants in Edmonton’s plant-based revolution, and they’re loving every moment of it. Right on Jasper Ave, the vegan pizzeria is perfect for trying something new and discovering new favourite flavours. They do their best to honour the traditional Italian style pizza, blending it with a vegan twist.
Address: 11215 Jasper Ave NW
Phone: 780-760-7272

3. Copper Branch

Copper Branch’s downtown location is not to be missed! With a focus on “plant-based power food,” they’ll provide a menu that will give you energy all day long. From smoothies to all-day breakfast, the dishes are filling, delicious, and will have you coming back for more.
Address: 10316 Jasper Ave
Phone: 587-524-5606

4. Veggie Garden

Simple and delicious, the Vietnamese and Chinese dishes on the Veggie Garden’s menu are sure to delight you. Eat in at the quaint downtown restaurant, or call ahead and order by number (the menu is online) for take out.
Address: 10582 100 St NW
Phone: 780-757-9060

5. Arcadia Bar

Alberta craft beer meets vegetarian and vegan pizza – perfect for a night out with friends. But that’s not all that’s on the menu – it will all make your taste buds happy. Check out their website to see what special events are coming up this month.
Address: 10988 124 St
Phone: 780-916-1842

6. Peche Café

Relatively new on the scene, Peche Cafe is both a cozy coffee shop and a place to grab a hot a la carte meal. They offer great meals and treats perfect for a night out or a coffee date with friends. There is hourly parking available within a one-block radius of the cafe.
Address: 10255 97 St
Phone: 780-249-2137

7. The Clever Rabbit

Everything is vegan at The Clever Rabbit. No matter if you’re there for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or just coffee and snacks, they have you covered with a wide selection of options. But they’re more than just a restaurant. This cafe has a packed schedule of events and live music to keep you coming back for more than just food.
Address: 10722 124 St NW
Phone: 780-455-4500

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