Waterfalls of Saskatchewan – A Canoeist’s #Bucketlist

Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Have you seen the waterfalls of Saskatchewan?

The Land of the Living Skies is also home to incredible waterfalls that are accessible only by canoe/air.

Listed are the 3 must-visit waterfalls to add to your Saskatchewan Bucketlist that are the finest examples of pristine Saskatchewan nature!

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1. Nistowiak Falls

Meaning “meeting of the waters”, Nistowiak Falls is where Lac La Ronge drains into the Churchill River. This natural falls accessible by plane or canoe is also one of the highest waterfalls in Saskatchewan. Details

Where: On the Churchill River in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park. Between the north shore of Iskwatikan Lake and the south shore of Nistowiak Lake.


2. Hunt / Lefty Falls

The flow of Grease River into Lake Athabasca causes a 60m wide and 15m tall falls, which is the largest waterfall in Saskatchewan. Plan your Trip

Where: Grease River, Northern Saskatchewan – Accessible by Float Plane.


3. Rapids & Falls of Fond du Lac: Thompson Rapids, Burr Falls & Manitou Falls

Fond du Lac River, that flows between Wollaston Lake and Stony Rapids on Lake Athabasca has numerous waterfalls and rapids that makes the river, a whitewater canoeist’s dream destination. The Fond du Lac is accessible only by float planes. Guided Trip

Where: Points North, Saskatchewan (article for DIY Trip)

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