10 Places to have Delicious Breakfast in Winnipeg

10 Places to have Delicious Breakfast in Winnipeg

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In a city like Winnipeg, there is bound to be an abundance of places to visit to have breakfast. There’s so many where do you even start? We hunted down some of the best brunch places to visit in Winnipeg. Start planning for your next gathering at one of these places that offer a fantastic breakfast at an unbeatable price.

Ben and Florentine

Are you looking for a little bit of healthy but also want to indulge? Ben and Florentine are right up your alley. Start your morning off with a “Summer Delight” smoothie that will liven you up. Or if you need something stronger, how about a bowl of one of their specialty coffees?
Fill your stomach with Avocado Toast done five different ways, or Benedicts drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. If you’re starving, try out The Ultimate Pancake that is everything you need to get you through the day.
Ben and Florentine will keep you coming back to try out all their different breakfast concoctions.

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Frenchway Cafe

If you want to try out a unique brunch that is more than just traditional pancakes and bacon, make your way to Frenchway Café. The café serves authentic French baking including their famous Macarons (mouth-watering, feel like you are in France). You won’t be able to resist the smell of their fresh baking of Brioches, Croissants, Tarts and of course, Bread. Try out a Chocolate Croissant that takes three days of preparation before you can eat it.
But it is a breakfast place so of course they still have classic breakfasts with a French twist. Try out their French-inspired Benny’s that are covered in Hollandaise sauce. If you are looking for something lighter, Fresh Salads are available with seasonal vegetables straight from the local farmers. Frenchway Cafe

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If you’re in Winnipeg and don’t stop at Stella’s for brunch, then you’ve never really had brunch. Stella’s is a local classic that opened shop in 1999. You’ll be getting healthy ingredients in dishes that are simple yet delicious.
Fill up on the Smoked Salmon Breakfast with a price that will leave money in your pocket. Looking for a vegan-friendly dish but also like Mexican food? Stella’s has you covered with their Vegan Mexican breakfast. Enjoy their Omelettes cooked with three eggs are done in five different ways. Check out their bakery before leaving to take home Handcrafted Artisan Breads, Muffins or Cakes.

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1958 Café

You can’t beat the hidden gems! 1958 Café tucked away with short hours and limited seating, so you better get there in time. The eclectic little café is known around the city for their variations on eggs benedict. The food is made from local ingredients with a price tag you can agree on. Anything leftover is donated to soup the Bell Tower Community Café soup kitchen.
The menu differs from day to day, but the quality remains the same. Try out some unique as the Benny Goes to Bagiuo that has a fried rice patty, duck egg and sausage. Or the Asia Pacific Benny with blueberry pancakes and kimchi. If you’re feeling really hungry, they have the Plus Size Breakfast that is not for small stomachs.

Clementine Café

Clementine Café is a local favourite. It is a stylish gem that is breakfast-only, so you know it is going to be a brunch favourite. Plus they are licensed so why not throw back a Mimosa while enjoying the creative food.
They have nine different main dishes to choose from, with the Turkish Eggs being a popular one. It includes hummus and chilli butter with a poached egg. Try out the Brussels Style Waffle that comes with Earl Grey whipped cream. Their side dishes are things you would never imagine trying, but so glad that you did. Treat yourself next brunch meal with a Pumpkin Seed Parfait with Milk Chocolate and Toffee Crunch.

Sherbrook St. Deli

Sherbrook St. Deli is everything you need sweet and savoury, all combined into one meal. Inspired by early 1900s New York, this brunch hotspot is all house made with recipes stemming from many generations before. Combine New York and Winnipeg flavours to get the Sherbrook St. Deli.
Go for the Chicken & Latkes, even if you’ve never heard of it. It is fried chicken skin on poached eggs and pulled chicken smothered with chicken gravy. Your morning brunch could also include Salmon, Fried Salami or what you think would be a simple Bagel, but of course will be way more.

Promenade Café and Wine

Enjoy a little bit of the French style as you dine at the Promenade Café and Wine. Serving, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but you need to go for brunch. The owner’s passion is to make their customers happy with great, local food.
If you are looking for something delicious but simple, the French Toast is the way to go. Thick bread served with whipped cream and icing sugar. For some heartier, the Montreal Smoked Meat Hash has you covered. Enjoy smoked brisket, eggs with pickled hot peppers. You can’t go wrong with a Nutella and Strawberry stuffed crepe. Or if you need a little bit more, the Crepes Norwegian Platter may do the trick with two crepes and smoked trout.

Marion Street Eatery

This place is bound to have a lineup, so go early or be ready to wait. But that is a good sign – fantastic brunch food. Marion Street Eatery is locally owned in the heart of St. Boniface, serving a combination of comfort food with fresh, quality ingredients.
They take your regular pancake stacks and turn it into an Apple Whiskey Pancake Stack. Three pancakes drizzled with apple whiskey caramel sauce, get the punch you need to start the day right. How about the Croissantwich instead of a regular sandwich? Fried eggs, sausage, cheese and guacamole sound good in that? The Tree Hugger will fill you up with all the good stuff to get you out into the wilderness. Throw in a side of Chicken Apple Sausage to see what all the fuss is about.


Ignore everything your mom told you about not having donuts for breakfast. Now head over to Bronuts to have a donut for breakfast – seriously. This locally owned coffee and donut shop are precisely what you need to get that sugar boost to survive the day.
These aren’t classic donuts from Tim Horton’s. These donuts are unique with flavour, colourful glazes and clever names. Try the Iris, the strawberry buttermilk cake. They say she’s a sassy lady that is unconventional. Or the show-stopper Barbra, she’s a vegan rhubarb elderflower cake. Then there is the confident Arthur the apple fritter and Miss Independent Kelly the key lime cheesecakes. Just reading about them will make your mouth water.

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Miss Browns

Last but not least, add Miss Browns to your next brunch stop. This place has all day breakfast with dishes you could never imagine creating. Starting with the Shakshuka. Poached eggs and toast with a spicy and rich tomato sauce will make your taste buds go crazy. Creamy, spicy and rich all piled into one dish. Or the Miss Browns Eggs Bennie with Small Has Browns. It comes with homemade hollandaise sauce. Let’s repeat that, homemade hollandaise. Is your mouth watering yet?
Kick it up a notch with a Smoked Salmon Bagel. Seriously, they put smoked salmon on a bagel with spinach, cream cheese and so much more that is puts every other bagel to shame. Still hungry? Bring out the Sausage & Egg Roll on a brioche bun, smothered with Miss B’s BBQ sauce. What a way to start the day.

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