Food & Drink Guide - Winnipeg

Find the best places to eat and drink in Winnipeg.


15 Places to Order Christmas Dinner in Winnipeg

Everyone loves a good hearty meal during Christmas—after all, what isn’t there to love? The lights, the company, and of course the food. But not everyone has the time to prepare a huge Christmas dinner. If you’re scrambling to figure out how to feed your family this Christmas, here are 15 restaurants offering Christmas dinner takeout in Winnipeg.


12 Places to Get Cocktail and Wine Kits in Winnipeg

In the mood for some cocktails or wine, but lockdown procedures have you stuck at home? Not to worry—there are plenty of places in Winnipeg where you… Read more »


15 Restaurants for Special Occasion – Date Night Dinner Takeout and Delivery in Winnipeg

Just because we’re all in lockdown, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a fancy dinner or a date night with our significant others! If you’re in… Read more »


15 Restaurants for Breakfast/Brunch Takeout and Delivery in Winnipeg

These 15 restaurants are offering delicious breakfast and brunch options in Winnipeg. Plus, you’ll get to feel good about supporting local businesses!


Father’s Day Brunch/Dinner Dine-in and Takeouts in Winnipeg

Treat your Dad to Brunch or Dinner. From enjoy a dine-in meal to take-out meals, here is a list of places to order Father’s Day Brunch/Dinner. You… Read more »


Restaurants Open in Winnipeg For Dine-In Services

Restaurants are allowed to reopen for dine-in services in Manitoba.

Here is a list of restaurants that is open for dine-in in Winnipeg.


Restaurants For Mother’s Day Brunch/Dinner Takeouts in Winnipeg

Treat your Mom to Brunch or Dinner. From fully prepared meals to make your own meal kit, here is a list of places to order Mother’s Day… Read more »


30+ Flower and Mother’s Day Gift Delivery Options in and around Winnipeg

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you need some inspiration on finding that perfect gift to show mom how much you care, local businesses in… Read more »


Make Light-as-Air Funnel Cakes Using Canada’s Wonderland’s Recipe

Are you missing trips to Canada’s Wonderland filled with ‘screamastic‘ rides and yummy treats including their famous funnel cakes? Though there is no real substitute for the… Read more »