15 Day Trips From Regina

There are so many small communities within a two-hour radius of the Queen City waiting to be explored!

We all know how much Regina has to offer its residents and surrounding communities. But sometimes staying in Regina just doesn’t cut it. So we came up with a list of 15 destinations that you can travel to within two hours.


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15 Day Trips From Regina
Claybank is tiny hamlet about an hour outside of Regina. But what makes it unique is the Massold Clay Canyons, the Clay Pits covering 256-acres and the historic Claybank Brick Plant. This site is from the 20th-century industrialism and has remained the same since 1912. It is a little piece of history for the family.
The Massold Clay Canyons are great to run around and hike through to get some exercise. The view is incredible and perfect for pictures. There is a golf course nearby and a small lake for fishing and boating. Claybank


Roughly 25 minutes outside of the city, Lumsden means you are taking a trip out to the valley. Saskatchewan is known as the flat province, and rightly so. Its so flat that people joke that you can see your dog running away for three days. But even this flat province has rolling hills and valleys all around.
The town of Lumsden is right in the valley with a breathtaking view. Walk around the town market and take it all in. Plan ahead and book a ride with the Beaver Creek Ranch for a little extra fun. Details

Indian Head

Just under an hour east of Regina is Indian Head, home of the giant Indian Head Monument. This place is full of history and places to visit. Start with the historic Bell Barn and the Interpretive Centre. Get a glimpse of what life used to be like along with some entertainment.
To continue on your historical tour, head to the Indian Head Museum and the Territorial Grain Growers Association Monument. If you like to golf, Indian Head has a beautiful golf course waiting for you. There is enough to see and do in this small area to keep you busy all day long. Indian Head

Moose Jaw

15 Day Trips From Regina
Here is another town full of history waiting for visitors to experience. Moose Jaw is about 45 minutes away from Regina and worth taking a whole day to visit. For a historical visit, take a tour through the Moose Jaw Tunnels in which they re-enact entirely what happened underground. Head over to the Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre to learn more about the burrowing owl.
Looking to relax for the day? Moose Jaw’s mineral spa is the place to go for the ultimate relaxation day trip. On your way back, don’t forget to stop and get a picture of the massive Moose.Moose Jaw

Fishing Lake

This destination will take you a little over two hours but is definitely worth the drive. This lake is known for fantastic fishing. You’ll be reeling in a fish cast after cast at this lake.
There is more to do than just fishing though. The kids can go swimming or take the family for a nice boat ride. There is a small campground walking distance from the water with picnic areas. This day trip can be as busy or as relaxing as you like.Fishing Lake


Exactly two hours south of Regina is the city of Estevan. The trip can go two ways: a fun recreational time at one or both of the lakes. Or tour around downtown and visit power plants. Did you know that much of Saskatchewan’s power is generated from the two power plants in this city?
The lakes are man-made dams to help with the power plant. Boundary Dam is known for its recreational use because of the warm water with a large beach off the campground. Rafferty Dam is the spot to go for fishing. Grab the golf clubs and check out the two golf courses the city has to offer. Estevan

Pilot Butte

Whether you are going in the winter or summer, Pilot Butte is a quick trip for the recreational family. 20 minutes away from Regina, this is the place to go for cycling and hiking trails in the warm months and ski trails in the cold months. There is 12.7 km of trails to check out.
Bring the pets with you on this trip. There is a 5 km long pet-friendly trail to hike on and open all year. Go during the times when some of the sports clubs from the city host events. Pilot Butte

Buffalo Pound

Buffalo Pound is a Provincial Park waiting for tourists to come and explore. Grab your bikes or best walking shoes to roam through the open fields of the park. Bring a boat if available to hit the waters of the lake nearby. The Nicolle Flats Interpretive Area and Marsh Boardwalk are places to check out for a view of the area.

Buffalo Pound is roughly 20 minutes past Moose Jaw, so it is a perfect one day trip. The scenery there is worth the trip, let alone all the recreational activities that can keep you busy. Buffalo Pound

Last Mountain Lake

Also known as Regina Beach, Last Mountain Lake is close to an hour outside of the city. This lake is the place all the locals flock to on a hot summer day. So during the warm months, pack up the beach bag and make your way to the beach.
There is a marina off the beach to unload a boat for water activities. A golf course is nearby, as well as beach volleyball courts. There are lots to do in this area to keep busy for the day. Right off the beach is an excellent bar and grill for a waterfront view while stopping for lunch. Last Mountain Lake
15 Day Trips From Regina

Fort Qu’Appelle

Whether you just drive around or stay for the whole day, Fort Qu’Appelle offers lots of scenery and recreation. You can take the scenic tour that provides signs to direct you through the most beautiful areas of the Qu’Appelle valley.
During the winter months, there is a ski hill, not something you would expect in Saskatchewan. Come in the summer where you can fish, boat, swim or be lazy on the beach. There is also lots of history in this area that is worth checking out. Only a 45-minute drive outside of Regina for a scenic trip. Fort Qu’Appelle


Off of the Trans-Canada Highway is the small town of Wolseley. Why this is worth checking out is because of the town’s slogan, “A Town Around a Lake.” If you look at Wolseley on a map, you will see the lake almost in the centre of the town.
This town has been voted as one of the prettiest towns in Canada, and it is only an hour east of Regina. They’ve introduced a new Splash Park that is worth taking the kids to. Grab some shoes and check out the Heritage Walking Tour to see what the town is really like. Wolseley


Just over two hours east of Regina along the Trans-Canada Highway is the vibrant town of Moosomin. What makes this area of the province neat to check out is the wind farm. You’ll see the giant wind turbines as you drive along the highway.
It is not just wind the town harvests. It is also rich in oil, gas and potash which is perfect for mining industries. There is a Regional Park to the southwest of the town that you can stop in for a picnic and walk around. Moosomin


The one thing about Saskatchewan is the names of some of the villages and hamlets. One of those interesting names is Elbow. It got its name because it is on the bend of the South Saskatchewan River which looks like an elbow. Lots of Saskatchewan residents make the trip out to take a picture by the sign of Elbow.
Elbow is also right near Lake Diefenbaker which is a large lake closer to the central part of the province. Sometimes the drive out to the area is worth the trip alone. Elbow


15 Day Trips From Regina
Located between Fort Qu’Appelle and Indian Head is Abernethy, a small town an hour east of Regina. What makes a trip to this town worthwhile is the activities available here all year round. Located just 3 km south is the Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site that commemorates William Richard Motherwell, Saskatchewan’s first minister of agriculture. Take a trip down the past and spend an unforgettable day learning how people used to live on the farm.
The Ravine Adventures is a noteworthy attraction in this small town. Here, visitors can do snow tubing throughout the winter months. Summer months are activities galore with the outdoor adventure park offers paintball, pedal go-karts, mini golf, hiking and a ten-foot bubble ball in addition to challenge programs and hiking. Take the whole family out to the area to try some fun games you would never think of. Abernethy

Kenosee Lake

Just over two hours southeast of Regina is Kenosee Lake. The Lake is in the Moose Mountain Provincial Park, so there are lots to do. Explore the park through the hiking trails. Hang out at the lake for the day on a nice day.
What Kenosee is known for though is the Superslides. This waterpark is open during the warm weather with slides for all ages. Young children have small slides to go on while the older and brave ones and try out the slide that drops almost straight down. The Superslides is what will make the trip for the whole family. Kenosee Lake
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