25 Hiking Trails In and Around Winnipeg


Mantario Hiking Trail; Photo Credit: Nature Manitoba

The city of Winnipeg has some great trails to explore, which are so beautiful you might not even believe that you’re still in the city. The surrounding area has a plethora of trails and different areas to explore. If you’re willing to travel a few hours down the road in just about any direction, you can access some incredible Provincial Parks and other areas with trails that extend into the heart of the Canadian Shield and into the pristine wilderness. With so many trails to explore, varying in length and difficulty, getting out and hiking this summer is a must.


Oak Hammock Marsh

If you’re looking for a variety of interesting trails and some unique scenery, check out the old Oak Hammock Marsh. Located just 20 km north Winnipeg between Stonewall and Selkirk, there are 30 km of different trails that wind through the unique ecological area. Check out the different marshes, follow the boardwalks, or venture down grassy paths. Almost 300 different species of birds call the area home, which will delight bird watchers and nature enthusiast of all ages. Be sure to bring your camera or binoculars.

The Spirit Sands & Devil’s Punch Bowl hike

The Spruce Woods Provincial Park is an amazing area to check out if you’re looking for a unique, memorable hiking experience. The park is located two hours from Winnipeg, so you might want to plan to spend the night (or a week!) if a four hour round trip in one day is a little bit much. The Spirit Sands & Devil’s Punch Bowl hike is 13 km round trip. The terrain is incredible scenic and unique. You’ll get to see sand dunes, a winding river, and the Devil’s Punch Bowl all in one hike!

Check out the other attractions at Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Perfect petroforms of Bannock Point

Betula Lake is located two hours from Winnipeg, but if you have the time and don’t mind the drive, then you have to make a trip to see the Bannock Point Petroforms. The trail, located by Betula Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park, is 2.4 km round trip. The Petroforms were made centuries ago by First Nations people. They are stones that are laid out in patterns and are really quite amazing to get the opportunity to see.

Challenge yourself at Mantario Trail

Looking for a challenge to take on this summer? The Mantario Trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park is about as challenging as it gets. Located an hour from Winnipeg, the trail is 63 km long and is rated as difficult. If you enjoy back country camping and wilderness trails, then you’ll find that the trail is a rare gem. Venture into the heart of the Canadian Shield to see granite outcrops, sparkling bodies of water, and unspoiled forest. Wildlife sightings are common on the trail. It can take 3-4 days to complete the hike, but if you’re up for it, you could take your time and extend your journey.

Stunning views of Hunt Lake Trail

Whiteshell Provincial Park is located just an hour from Winnipeg and it’s an exciting place to hike. The Hunt Lake Trail is just over 12 km round trip and offers stunning views of West Hawk Lake. The lake itself is gorgeous, as the trail climbs throughout, but the journey along the way is incredible too. You’ll get to see rocky outcrops, white pines, cedars, and more unspoiled wilderness. It’s almost hard to believe that such diverse terrain exists just an hour from the city, so come and see for yourself. Trial Map.

Whiteshell River Bridge Trail

The Whiteshell Provincial Park is a real gem when it comes to trails. If you’re looking for a shorter, scenic trail, don’t miss the Whiteshell River Bridge Trail. The trail is 4.2 km long one way. If you’re looking to see some of Manitoba’s beautiful wilderness, this trail skirts right along the Canadian Shield. As the name indicates, the trail leads to a beautiful suspension bridge that crosses the Whiteshell River.

The Walking On Ancient Mountains Trail

The Nopiming Provincial Park is located two and a half hours from Winnipeg, but if you’re looking for a getaway this summer with some great hiking trails thrown into the mix, then it’s the perfect place to consider for your next adventure. There are several trails in the park. The Walking On Ancient Mountains Trail is just under 2 km round trip and is a bit of a challenge, with steep parts and stairs. The end result is a stunning view of the area below, which is so spectacular, it’s well worth the climb.

Pinawa Trail

Located about an hour from Winnipeg is the Pinawa Trail in the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park. The trail is 28 km long and ranges in difficulty from easy in some spots, to pretty difficult in others, so be sure to come prepared. The trail boasts some pretty spectacular scenery if you can get through the hard parts. You’ll really feel like you’ve ventured into the wilderness when you take in the gorgeous granite ridges and rocky areas. The forested areas are especially pretty. The trail is known to have some amazing wildlife spotting and bird watching opportunities.

A furry friend’s friendly park

If you want to experience nature but can’t leave the city this summer, check out the Little Mountain Park Loop trail. The trail is located on the outskirts of the city, so it’s kind of like a getaway without the time commitment. The trail is perfect for people of all ages and experience levels and is a great place to bring the kids for an afternoon or evening walk. The area is actually known to be a hotspot for wildlife and birds. There is also an off-leash dog park in the area, so your furry friends don’t have to be left behind.

Wild Grapes of Beaudry Park

If you’re looking for some hikes that take you out of the city, but aren’t going to take hours to get to, Beaudry Park is the place for you! The trails in the park range in length from 2-5 km long. The trails wind along the banks of the Assiniboine River and feature gorgeous stands of towering trees, wildlife, and even wild grapes.

An enjoyable walk at Beaudry Park

The Pine Point Trail is located near Betula Lake, about two hours from Winnipeg. While the hike might be a bit of a journey to reach, you could plan for a fun road trip. Come alone, or take the whole family out for an enjoyable, scenic walk. The trail is an 9.6 km loop and will take you past waterfalls and rapids. There are also beautiful forested areas. You won’t find much better in a short hike. Walk the trail once, or do it twice to take everything in.

A variety of hikes at Birds Hill Provincial Park

Birds Hill Provincial Park is a gorgeous park located just 25 km from Winnipeg. The Tamarack Trail in the park is 11.5 km long and is shared by mountain bikers and even horseback riders. Be sure to check out the 6.5 km Aspen Trail and the 14 km Blustem Loop as well. The trails feature a historical homestead and even a lookout tower. The park also boasts awesome fishing and camping, so you can make a true getaway of it and continue exploring after you’re done hiking.

An escape in the city – Seine River Greenway

If you’re looking for a fun hike to do, but don’t have time to escape the city, don’t worry! The Seine River Greenway is located right in Winnipeg. The trail is 1.9 km long, though you can pop in and out of it at different sections and take different trails for a shorter walk. The trail skirts along the Seine River and offers some pretty spectacular views, even if it is in the city.

The Epinette Creek Trail System

While it is a bit of a drive from Winnipeg, Spruce Woods Provincial Park features a wide variety of trails that are stunning, fun, and challenging to hike. The park is located two hours from Winnipeg one way, so you should definitely plan to camp out to explore and see everything. The Epinette Creek Trail System offers hikes that are 1.8 km long all the way up to just over 24 km long. The trails feature grassy areas and sand hills. There are back country campsites along the way, so if you’ve always wanted to give it a try, make this summer one for adventures.

The Ancient Beach Trail of Grand Beach Provincial Park

Grand Beach Provincial Park is a beautiful park located about an hour from Winnipeg. The Ancient Beach Trail is just over 2 km. While it sounds short and sweet, the hike is rated as intermediate for the steeper areas of the trails as well as some sandy areas. The landscape is not only spectacular, but dates back thousands of years.

Bird watch at Cedar Bog Trail

Looking for a trail that isn’t too long or too hard, so the whole family can enjoy it? Birds Hill Provincial Park is located just a short distance from Winnipeg and features some great hikes. The Cedar Bog Trail is a 3.5 km loop that can easily be explored within a morning or an afternoon and can be walked by people who don’t have a lot of hiking experience. The trail runs through beautiful stretches of forest and is known to be home to many different birds.

Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park trails

The Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park features a ton of different trails that range in distance and difficulty, so you can pick which one, or which ones, are right for you. The Lighthouse Trail is just 1.5 km long. The West Quarry Trail is 10 km round trip for a longer hike. The Black Wolf Trail is 22 km one way, for a real challenge that might last for a couple days. Sunset Beach in the park is absolutely gorgeous, and is a must see for its white sand while you’re there. The Hecla Island is also a major attraction in the park. Don’t miss the Hecla Village Self-Guided Trail, where you can learn all about the island’s history. The park is located an hour and a half from Winnipeg, so you might want to spend the night, or a few nights camping out, so you can explore everything.

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Great trails right in the city

If you can’t get out of the city this summer, don’t fear. There are still a variety of great trails located right in Winnipeg. The Assiniboine Perimeter Loop is a 4 km trail that is perfect for people of all ages. The trail travels around Assiniboine Park- yup! That’s right. The city’s zoo is actually located within the park. The park is beautiful for families or those just looking for an evening or afternoon walk. There are gardens throughout the park and even a playground for the kids, as well as a pond.

La Barriere Park Loop

If you’re looking for an interesting trail to discover that isn’t far from Winnipeg, look no further than La Barriere Park. The La Barriere Park Loop is just under 3 km, located near Ritchot, just half an hour from Winnipeg. Enjoy the greenery and take in the water along the walk. The trail is just right for people of all experience levels.

Bunn’s Creek Trail

The 3 km Bunn’s Creek Trail meanders along Bunn’s Creek. The trail is beautiful and quaint and is surprisingly quiet and natural, considering it’s actually right off Henderson Highway in Bunn Centennial Park. The trail is a popular spot to see many different species of birds. There are also turtles that live in and around the creek.

Grand Trunk Trail

The Headingly Grand Trunk Trail is located on the edge of Winnipeg and runs for 10 km on an old railway bed. The trail runs from through Headingly and Cartier to the Beaudry Park. The terrain along the trail is quite diverse and ranges from prairie to wetlands, with a few forested areas as well. The trail is a great place to see wildlife and also different species for birds. Located right on the edge of Winnipeg, it’s a great way to explore nature and go for a longer hike without actually committing to heading out to a Provincial Park or to driving for hours to find a good trail.

The heart of the hike

Located right in Winnipeg, the Harte Trail is a beautiful, scenic trail that runs through a small stretch of wilderness along an old railway bed where the railway track used to be. The trail is quite popular as far as the city trails go, and it’s easy to see why. The trail is actually also part of The Great Trail and is 6.5 km long, perfect for those up for a bit more of a challenge, at least as far as distance goes.

A trail for everyone Blueberry Hill Trail

Looking for that shorter hike that is perfect even for beginner hikers, but still provides plenty of things to see? Hit the Blueberry Hill Trail in Lac du Bonnet this summer. The trail meanders through some beautiful wooded areas and you will also get to see areas of exposed rock. It’s a beautiful setting and the trail is just over 1km round trip.

A unique wetland area

The Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail is a shorter trail that spans the Brokenhead Wetland but you shouldn’t really come for the difficulty or length of the hike, but for all that the area offers. Come to see the unique and rare plants and flowers in the wetland. The area is actually sacred to the local Ojibway people and was used by them for 300 years. Learn all about the historical and cultural significance of the area while you take in the gorgeous sights.

A trail for the whole family

Falcon Creek Trail, near Falcon Lake, is a nearly 2 km loop. If you want to get out and hike with the whole family, it’s a great trail for people of all experience levels and it’s not so long that even inexperienced or young hikers couldn’t make it through. The trail is beautiful and you can really feel like you’re getting back to nature just a short distance from Winnipeg.


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