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    Hi, I just read below information as my friend told me.
    He advises me to check and go through the history of explosion in Halifax.
    I wish i can go there to see it. As this pandemic, covid 19 cannot travel around the world.

    Thanks and hello from Indonesia.

    Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower
    The Halifax Explosion of 1917 is a story of frightful noise and destruction, followed by extraordinary efforts of human kindness to help the city rebuild (especially Boston, who gets a Christmas tree every year in thanks). The North End of Halifax was particularly hard hit, being the closest to the explosion, and was completely decimated. It was rebuilt of course, and today it stands as a testament of Halifax’s resilience. The Memorial Bell Tower can be found in the North end park of Fort Needham, where you can learn all about the impact of the explosion and remember the stories of victims and survivors alike.

    Where: Fort Needham Memorial Park, Halifax

    May 22, 2021 at 11:05 PM

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