50 Things To Do on the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores

50 Things To Do on the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores

Photo Credit: Le Village Historique Acadien de la Nouvelle Ecosse

The Yarmouth & Acadian Shores are defined by their past 400 years, along with their English and Acadian communities. Yarmouth is the home of the largest fishing fleet in Atlantic Canada and is the ‘place to visit’, especially if you are looking for the freshest seafood. You can also explore the history and culture of the largest Acadian community in Nova Scotia by traveling the Acadian Shore. To help you get your adventure started, check out the list below for 50 things to do on the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores.


1. Le Village Historique Acadien de la Nouvelle Ecosse – Lower West Pubnico


Credit: Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Take a walk back in time and bask in Acadian heritage from the early 1900’s. Explore their original wooden homes, shops, and lighthouse. At this historic village, you will discover that arming and fishing is a tradition that has stood the test of time. You can enjoy a home-cooked Acadian meal in their café. Le Village Historique Acadien de la Nouvelle Ecosse (Facebook)

2. Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant & Brew Pub – Yarmouth

Yarmouth is known for fresh fish, and Rudder’s Seafood is serving up some of the best fresh fish meals. Along with your meal, you can also enjoy a premium beer at the only microbrewery restaurant on Nova Scotia’s South Sore. During the summer, you can eat on the large seasonal patio overlooking the marina. There is live local entertainment each weekly. Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant & Brew Pub

3. Lobster Bay Culinary Adventures – Lower Argyle

Perfectly boiling a Nova Scotian lobster takes a lot of skill and knowledge, so head to the Argyler Lodge for a cooking lesson and enjoy a tasty meal you won’t forget. Your adventure starts with a tour through their private garden to sample the fresh herbs grown there. Then you will build a fire on the beach and learn how to cook lobsters. This tour is 2-3 hours long and is the perfect way to experience their delectable lobster. Lobster Bay Culinary Adventures

4. Sip Café – Yarmouth

Warm up with a fresh cup of premium tea or specialty coffee at Sip Café or cool down with their fresh gelato. Sip Café has dozens of teas to pick from, each with its own benefits. If you are looking for lunch or a snack, there is a wide variety of wraps, soups, and fresh baked goods made with local products to enjoy. Sip Café

5. Living Wharves – Across the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores

Spend a day with the family learning about the fisherman and the history of the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores at the Living Wharves. Each day, the Living Wharf is hosted at a different wharf. Listen to the stories from both retired and active fishermen and fisherwomen. You can also try splicing ropes and tying knots, which is much harder than it looks. Living Wharves

6. Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park – Deerfield

Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park, located on 282 acres of land in Deerfrield, is beautiful and has something for everyone to enjoy. Take a relaxing hike on the 2-km/1.2-mi trail and see a wide variety of plant life, birds, and animals. The park has 87 wooded overnight campsites available, if you would like to camp there. There are many other activities you can do there, such as cool off on the lake and go swimming, canoeing, or sport fishing. Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park

7. Heritage Walking Tour – Yarmouth

Explore Yarmouth at your own pace with this self-guided walking tour. The tour explores Yarmouth’s historic district and its vast history. During the 1800s, Yarmouth was a large port and the design of the buildings’ comes from around the world because of the different nationalities of sailors and their families that came to Nova Scotia. Heritage Walking Tour

8. Comeau’s Hill Beach – Arcadia

Spend a fun day with the family at this small, secluded, sandy beach. This beach is adjacent to the Tusket Islands and is one of the few places that the Island chain can be seen from land. The beach is sandy and is a great place for families to build a sandcastle, take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean or just relax on the beach. The ocean also washes up shells, driftwood and sea glass onto the shore, so it is a great spot to take the family beachcombing. Comeau’s Hill Beach

9. Toot Confectionery – Yarmouth

Toot’s Confectionery has been open for over 75 years and carries a wide variety of candy and chocolate. You can pick your own candy from the bulk penny candies, even though pennies no longer exist in Canada. There are old favorites, new candies, and over 3000 different magazines for you to pick from. Toot Confectionery

10. Cape Forchu Lighthouse – Cape Forchu

The first “applecore” style lighthouse is only 11 km from Yarmouth. On the way, you will pass the Fisherman’s Monumen, and working fishing villages that still use the lighthouse today. You can explore the lighthouse’s history, and Cape Forchu at the information centre. The Keeper’s Kitchen is the place to visit to get lunch or supper. Cape Forchu Lighthouse

11. Deep Sky Eye Observatory – Tusket

Explore the skies in Quinan and discover the night sky the way it was meant to be seen. The Deep Sky Eye Observatory is about 30 minutes north of Yarmouth and is the best way to see the skies. You can see the Milky Way and the Rings of Saturn from the Observatory. If you would like to snap a picture of the Moon or planets, just attach your camera/smartphone to the telescope. You can also just relax on a blanket under the stars and learn about our galaxy. Deep Sky Eye Observatory

12. Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum – Wedgeport

Fishing has been a huge part of Nova Scotia’s history, and the Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum explores the importance of fishing. The museum opened in 1996 and displays photos and mementos from the glory days of sport tuna fishing. There is also a 32 pound mounted lobster, along with other exhibits about Wedgeport and the area’s Acadian history. Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum

13. Belliveau Cove Farmers’ Market / Les Marches De La Baie – Belliveau Cove

Each Saturday starting in May and ending in September, the Belliveau Cove Farmers’ Market outside market is open. The rest of year their indoor market is open. Enjoy the fresh local baked goods and local produce. There are also crafters and artists selling their wares.

14. Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery – Yarmouth

The unique blue door is the entrance to the Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery. The Gallery is a co-op of twelve local artists who work with a wide variety of media. There are 25 artists on display at any time, and there are 30 artists who will be presented during the season. Most of the pieces are for sale, so you can take home the perfect piece. Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery

15. Musee Des Acadiens Des Pubnicos – West Pubinco

Experience Acadian history at the Musee Des Acadiens Des Pubnicos. You can tour the traditional garden, which is bordered with aromatic shrubs and plants. Acadians are known for growing rooted plants, but they also grew herbs and flowers for food and medicine. The Museum is a homestead and is full of traditional items and buildings. Musee Des Acadiens Des Pubnicos

16. Historic Acadian Village of Nova Scotia – Lower West Pubnico

The deportation of the Acadians from Nova Scotia is often the main focus of the history of the Acadian people. However, before their deportation, they were a thriving community. This Historic Acadian Village demonstrates many aspects of Acadian life, including fishing, boat building, and farming. . Historic Acadian Village of Nova Scotia

17. See the lights in Frost Park – Yarmouth

This park was originally called Victoria Park and is a green space in downtown Yarmouth. There is a 150-year-old three-tier fountain that lights up at night. During the winter, the trees are lit up with thousands of lights and it is a truly special sight to see. Frost Park

18. Seaglass Café – Yarmouth

Sit down and enjoy a homemade, healthy meal at the Seaglass Café. There are daily specials made with fresh local produce. After your meal, you can head to the gift shop to find amazing sea glass art and other items that you can purchase as a memento of your visit. Seaglass Café

19. The Store Next Door – Yarmouth

If you are looking for an item made in Nova Scotia, The Store Next Door gift shop is the place to visit. Many of the items are made using recycled materials. The store is a Social Enterprise operated by the Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options, which helps people with disabilities in Yarmouth and Metro Halifax. The Store Next Door

20. Try the Emin’s Meat Market – Yarmouth

Emin’s Meat Market is a family owned business since 1936. It is best-known for its beef jerky, but there is so much more there for visitors to enjoy. They have many kinds of smoked meats and cuts of beef for you to pick from. You can ask the butcher about what to pick up and try. Emin’s Meat Market

21. Eglise Ste-Anne Church – Ste-Anne-du-Ruisseau

Pay a visit to the oldest Acadian parish on Nova Scotia’s mainland. The existing church was built in 1900 and still features most of its original design. This magnificent structure features original paintings on the ceiling and sanctuary walls, gorgeous stained-glass windows, a large collection of church furnishings, and important church documents. Guided tours are available from June to August for a free-will offering. Eglise Ste-Anne Church

22. Broad Brook Wetland Park – Yarmouth

The Broad Brook Wetland Park was created to protect the wetlands in Yarmouth. The park is great for walkers and runners. You may spot some local animals off of the trails, which you can learn about by reading the interpretive signs. Broad Brook Wetland Park

23. Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour – Yarmouth

This tour will explore 29 Acadian heritage sites, and you can go at your own pace. There are museums, wharves, churches and hidden gems to explore and enjoy. This is the best way of exploring the Acadian Shores. Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour

24. Try bubble tea at Iceworks Dairy and Espresso Bar- Yarmouth

Bubble tea or boba is a tasty drink that has tapioca balls at the bottom and Iceworks has many favors to pick from. If bubble tea is not ‘your cup of tea’, they also serve ice cream year around or enjoy a cup of coffee. There is something for everyone to enjoy all year around. Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour

25. Hike the Tkipok Trail – Arcadia

Hike this beautiful one-kilometre trail that will take you through the forest and on to boardwalks. There are fitness stations along the trail, so you can add more exercises into your hike. During your hike, you may see deer, squirrels, rabbits, and many species of birds that call the trail home. Tkipok Trail

26. Perky Owl Cafe – Yarmouth

A cozy café located in the heart of Downtown Yarmouth, serving up Full Steam coffee and espresso-based drinks. There are tasty breakfast sandwiches and soups, and the menu is constantly changing. There is a guitar in the shop for musicians to enjoy and play some tunes. Perky Owl

27. Pelton-Fuller House – Yarmouth

Visit the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fuller. Alfred Fuller, was the founder of the Fuller Brush Company in Connecticut. The house is a two-storey, Italianate-style house that has several unique designed elements, including period-furnished rooms, silver, and art. There are guided tours available in the summer. Pelton-Fuller House

28. A Day by the Sea Tours – Pubnico

A Day by The Sea Tours will show you what it’s like to be a fisherman. You can travel in style and comfort on the bus during this while learning about the area, which includes a visit to one of the largest wharves in Atlantic Canada. Each tour is different and will depend on the time of year and the weather when you visit. Pelton-Fuller House

29. W. L. Sweeney Museum – Yarmouth

This museum is the home for a collection of items from the business owned by late W. Laurence Sweeney. There are also five reproduced buildings for visitors to explore. Spend an afternoon learning how it was to work on the waterfront at the W. L. Sweeney Museum. Nothing is roped off in this interactive museum, so visitors can have a unique and authentic experience, hands-on! W. L. Sweeney Museum

30. Yarmouth Foodie Walking Tour – Yarmouth

Enjoy some of the best local meals in Yarmouth on the Foodie Walking Tour. Each tour samples the local beer, wine, seafood, and other local favorites. Each tour is around 3 hours long and has a minimum of six stops. So, put on your favorite walking shoes, bring a jacket as it’s breezy in Yarmouth, and wear really comfortable pants because you will enjoy every bite! Yarmouth Foodie Walking Tour

31. Ride the CAT – Yarmouth

The CAT is the ferry that travels from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland, Maine in 5 and a half hours. If if you are visiting from Maine, enjoy a meal or sample local beer and wine during the trip. There is a movie lounge and kid’s play area to keep younger travelers entertained. Ride the CAT

32. Explore the Yarmouth Farmers Market – Yarmouth

Over 45 producers, growers, and artisans head to the Yarmouth Farmers Market every Saturday to provide the best local food, crafts, and arts. The market is open on Saturdays year round, and there are special markets during December. So, take a morning and explore this wonderful market to find items that you cannot find anywhere else. Yarmouth Farmers Market

33. Sandford Drawbridge – Sandford

The world’s smallest working drawbridge was designed to allow fishermen to leave the Sandford Wharf to go fishing. You can easily walk over the bridge when it is down and is faster than walking around the wharf. This tiny bridge is unique and has great views of the Sandford Wharf and the ocean. Sandford Drawbridge

34. The Shanty Café – Yarmouth

Affordable and flavorful meals are served up in downtown Yarmouth at The Shanty Café. The atmosphere is relaxed Caribbean, with bright colours, great art, and Latin music. Their menu offers a variety of dishes inspired by local produce and international cuisine. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

35. Mavillette Beach Provincial Park – Yarmouth

This rarely crowded, sandy beach is over 1.5 km long and there are boardwalks to stroll along. It is the perfect beach for kids during low tides because the sand flats are exposed. The beach is supervised during July and August. You can also bird watch and learn about the area with the interpretive panels. Mavillette Beach Provincial Park

36. Firefighters’ Museum of Nova Scotia – Yarmouth

Explore the history of firefighters and fire engines. There are real fire engines from the 1800’s to the 1930’s on display, including Canada’s oldest horse-drawn steam engine. There is also a collection of antique toy fire engines, uniforms, and badges from fire departments on display for visitors to peruse. Firefighters’ Museum of Nova Scotia

37. Bear River Vineyards – Bear River

The first grape vines planted in Nova Scotia in 1611 in Bear River by Louis Hebert, a French Apothecary, and Bear River Vineyard is continuing the tradition of making wine. The winery is housed in the renovated barn that was built in 1883. The wines available at the tasting bar and wine shop are made with 100% estate grown grapes, with each wine having its own distinct flavour. Bear River Vineyards

38. Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse – West Pubnico

The Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse started as a pole light and was placed at the south end of Abbott Island in 1884. The wooden pyramidal tower was moved from Amherst and placed in Abbott’s Harbour in 1922. The lighthouse has been restored in moved to the Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia and is still a part of Nova Scotia’s fishing history. Bear River Vineyards

39. Wild Rose Farm – Weymouth

Pick your own fresh veggies at the Wild Rose Farm, or enjoy the preserves made with local produce. You can also explore and learn about the farm and the local produce on a guided tour. They also have organic seeds that you can purchase and will help you pick the best plants for your garden. Wild Rose Farm

40. Argyle Farmers and Artisanal Market– Tusket

In a huge tent every Thursday starting in June to the last week of August, over 30 vendors show their best products. Pick up some fresh produce to cook with, enjoy a meal at the market, or just relax with your friends and family. The market is always changing, so come on in. Argyle Farmers and Artisanal Market

41. Stan O’Brien Interpretive Trail – Roberts Island

Explore the Goose Creek Marsh wetlands and the dykelands that the Acadian settlers called home in the late 1800’s. The trail is about 1.5km and takes about 20 minutes to explore. There are many species of birds who call the area home and you can learn about them on the interpretive trail. Stan O’Brien Interpretive Trail

42. The Red Shed – Yarmouth

It’s not a food truck, it’s a food cart and is serving up fresh local favorites. Everything is made fresh and cooked to order. You can enjoy traditional options, or you try a unique twist on your favorite on the Yarmouth Waterfront. The Red Shed

43. Chebogue Meadows Wildlife Interpretive Trail – Brooklyn

This scenic trail travels through 12 distinct habitats including wetland, meadow, hardwood hill, and black spruce swamp. If you’re looking for a “walk in the woods” kinda hike this is it! You will experience beautiful moss covered trails, boardwalks, and some single file bushwhacking. There’s no white Sandy beaches of cliff top look offs, but you’ll hike through several types of habitats, and some “fairy tale” like forest trails. Stop at the interpretive panels to learn about the trail, and the wildlife. There are rest areas to relax at or enjoy a picnic at.

44. Creamy Treat Ice Cream Ltd. – Pubnico

Cool off at Creamy Treat Ice Cream Ltd. with an ice cream. They also make their own ice cream cupcakes and cakes. If you are gluten-free or lactose-free, they now offer lactose and gluten-free hard ice cream in vanilla and chocolate. Creamy Treat Ice Cream Ltd.

45. Tusket Falls Paddle & Pint Social Tours with East Coast Paddle Company – Tusket

Experience the beautiful salt water of the Tusket River on a Stand-Up Paddle Board. You will get to explore these pristine waterways, while you take in the beautiful landscape of Yarmouth & Acadian Shores. After leaving the water, you’ll devour some scrumptious snacks from the Speakeasy Supper Club along with your choice of delicious craft beer from The Tusket Falls Brewing Company. Tusket Falls Paddle & Pint Social Tours with East Coast Paddle

46. Ocean Explorations Whale Cruises – Tiverton

Spend an exciting afternoon watching whales with Captain Tom and his crew from Ocean Explorations. You will ride in a rigid hull inflatable called a Zodiac that is small, agile and fast, which is an adventure in itself. The most common species that you may see while on the cruise are the Minke, fin and humpback whales, along with Atlantic white-sided dolphins and harbour porpoises. . Ocean Explorations Whale Cruises

47. Murray Manor Art and Culture House and Creperie – Yarmouth

Take a tour of this heritage home that also has an Art Gallery and Creperie on site. The Gallery features unique works of many renowned regional artists from the fundamental Mi’kmaq, Acadian and English cultures that encompass several types of mediums. After touring the Gallery, stop by the French Crêperie window to order warm and flavourful sweet or savoury crêpes, along with their exclusive blend of coffee. You can also enjoy the homemade ice cream and specialty sorbets that are made on site. Murray Manor Art and Culture House and Creperie

48. Beacon Park Playground – Yarmouth

The playground at Beacon Park is a great spot for families to have a picnic. There are various playground sets within the park, and should it start to rain, you can take cover in the gazebo. This park is a great place to take the kids out for the day. Beacon Park Playground

49. The Flight of Fancy – Bear River

Located in the bright blue building next to the bridge in Bear River is The Flight of Fancy, a fine art and craft store. An amazing collection of art and crafts from over 200 artists are on display at The Fight of Fancy. Explore the two floors, and see if you find a beautiful Nova Scotian treasure to take home with you. The Flight of Fancy

50. Seashore Restaurant & Blue Rock Lounge – Metaghan

This local favorite is large with lots of tables but still fairly quiet. The view from the windows and deck is wonderful. Visitors can stop in for a yummy lunch or dinner for a reasonable price. Along with the large menu, there are daily specials. They regularly service lobster poutine, which is made with fresh local lobsters. Seashore Restaurant & Blue Rock Lounge

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