Kick off Fall with a Toronto City-wide Scavenger Hunt with $25,000 Hidden Reward

First-to-Find Toronto Scavenger Hunt If you love engaging activities such as escape rooms, axe throwing, board games, arcades, this immersive city-wide scavenger hunt in Toronto with a $25,000 cash reward, organised by First-To-Find, a Toronto born business, is the perfect way to kick off fall!

Like an escape room, this scavenger hunt is designed to be a challenging yet fun and exciting way to bring together families and friends from all walks of life to explore the city’s historic sites.

First-To-Find wants to encourage people of Toronto to turnoff their video game console and take part in a healthy outdoor activity, stimulate their minds and learn about the under-appreciated history of our city., yet beautiful destinations in our city!

With about 3 million people in Toronto, the organisers are expecting that the event will have up to twenty thousand participants.

How to Play $25,000 First-to-Find Toronto Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt officially starts Sept 21 in Toronto and lasts for 30 days. Participants will receive a set of ‘Clues’ which guide them on a scenic tour of Toronto’s historic sites, where they will have to solve problems, puzzles and/or riddles to obtain the answers which will eventually lead to the reward: a hidden, weather-proof document with instructions of how to claim $25,000 cash.

Below is the first question, designed to be a teaser and start the process. Though it is not the toughest to answer, the result is crucial to find the reward:

“To find the first clue, make your way to one of Toronto’s most prominent structures.

The old City Hall, an elegant civic building and courthouse built in Romanesque style has a distinctive clock tower overlooking the city. It might seem small compared to the skyscrapers now, but when it was built in 1899, the 103 metre-tall clock tower was the tallest structure in the entire country. Locals will hear the quarter bells ring every quarter hour and the large bourdon bell strike on the hour.

Originally, atop the tower stood garnished stone gargoyles, which were later replaced by bronze casts as the stone eventually started to weather.

Today, how many Gargoyles watch over us from the clock tower?”


Participants in the pursuit will only need to access public, open areas. Trespassing onto private property, digging, climbing or lifting heavy objects will not be required. As a general rule: if it seems dangerous, assume that particular path will not yield progress on the pursuit.

The problems get progressively more difficult. There is no element of luck involved, only skill; anyone can use their powers of perception and critical thinking to complete the challenge.


Participants can go at it solo, bring a date, and/or cooperate with friends and family. All are welcome; children should be accompanied by their guardians (over 18 yrs old).

How Much:

The price of the initial Clues is $39.99.


Saturday September 21 till October 20th

More about the hunt.


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