Peyto Lake Banff National Park

Peyto Lake, Improvement District No. 9, AB, Canada


(Year Round) - Closed until 2020/21 Winter


About Peyto Lake Banff , Alberta, Canada

Peyto Lake

Named for Bill Peyto, a packer and guide of early 1900’s, the Lake is located at an elevation of ~1800 m in the Canadian Rockies.

The amazing blue-green colour of this lake is due to the light reflecting properties of the glacial flour that flows into the lake from the Peyto glacier. Peyto lake is located in the Waputik valley and has a depth of ~90m. The lake is cold in summer and the lake freezes in winter as snow blankets the area.

What to do at Peyto Lake?

Peyto Lake

Things to do at the Lake

1.Enjoy the scenic view of the amazing ‘See it to believe it’ coloured lake.

2. Hike up to Bow Summit, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies and also around the lake marveling at the colour.

3. Peyto Lake Fishing : Fish in the lake from June 29 to October 31 (Kindly verify the season & National park fishing license required.)

Peyto Lake in Winter

See the snow blanketed lake in winter from the viewing platform. The path leading up the Bow summit can be hiked/snowshoe-d easily if one is wearing good winter boots/snow shoeing foot wear.

Peyto Lake

Path to Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake Hike

One way to enjoy the lake is to hike up the Bow summit trail and enjoy the beauty of the lake from the viewing platform. From there, follow the path to the left and then the right trail you see on the way to Bow Summit hike. A trail also climbs down to the lake from the platform.

The lake shore can also be accessed from an unmarked pullout, about 2 km north from the Bow Summit turnoff area. Admire the lake walking along the shoreline. Perfect for a picnic. GPS: 51.735,-116.506

See the gps map for the lake shore hike here.

How much to see Peyto Lake Banff?

Peyto Lake

Admission/ Tickets Peyto Lake Banff 2020
Free for 2020

Included in the National park admission

National park admission – Adult: $ 10; Senior: $ 8.40
Family (upto 7 people in one vehicle): $20

How to get to Peyto Lake ?

Peyto Lake Banff Location/directions

Peyto lake is located on the Icefields Parkway, about 43 km from the Trans Canada- Icefields parkway interchange or 187 km from Yellow head highway/Icefields parkway junction.

When traveling north on the parkway, turn left to the reach the parking lot and hike the paved path to the lookout.

GPS: 51.735, -116.506 (directions)

See for road conditions to Peyto lake – here

When to visit Peyto Lake ?

Peyto Lake

Year round, but to enjoy the beauty of the Lake , one should visit during Late Spring – Mid Fall.

Important: Peyto Lake Boardwalk/viewpoint is closed for renovation until Late 2020 (2020/21 Winter.)

Who all can visit ?


How long will it take to see the Lake ?

Depending on interest, one hour to four hours.

What about Amenities, accessibility & parking?

Parking available. Dry toilet.

The trail to the lake viewpoint is asphalted and hence accessible, but the hike is uphill(see the photo).

The nearest lodge & restaurant is at Simpson’s Num-Ti-Jah Lodge, which is 5.5 km south of the lake turnoff. It is closed in winter.


See Icefields Parkway article to know more about amenities in the Peyto lake area.

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