Crystal Pite Body and Soul

February 17, 2021

February 23, 2021

$16.14 - $100



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DanceHouse is thrilled to present the online Canadian premiere of Body and Soul, choreographed by Vancouver’s own Crystal Pite, and performed by the Paris Opera Ballet. Following the phenomenal success of The Seasons’ Canon in 2016, Pite was invited back in 2019 to create a full-length work for thirty-six dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet.

A work in three distinct parts, Body and Soul articulates Pite’s ongoing fascination with conflict, connectedness and the embodiment of the human spirit. The performance begins with voice-over text that describes, in purely physical terms, a scene of conflict between two individuals.

As the performance progresses, the script’s meaning morphs and deepens with each iteration: conflict creates a vital, compelling tension between individuals, between groups, between species. The company’s mastery as an ensemble is evident in Pite’s complex choreographic swarms; individual dancers are virtuosic in breathtaking solos and duets. The dancers evoke scenes of epic protest, profound personal struggle, and collective survival. Body and Soul is a portrait of the human condition that is timeless, vast and heartbreakingly intimate.

Before the performance, there will be a 15-minute pre-recorded exclusive interview with Crystal Pite and the Kidd Pivot creative team, all of whom contributed artistically to the creation of Body and Soul: Owen Belton (Composer), Eric Beauchesne (Assistant to the Choreographer), Nancy Bryant (Costume Designer), Jay Gower Taylor (Set Designer), Jermaine Spivey (Assistant to the Choreographer) and Tom Visser (Lighting Designer).



Solo $16.14, Family $26.14, Supporter $50, Sustainer $100

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Date & Time:

February 17–23, 2021

Link available for 7 days

Run time: 100 minutes

Venue: Online

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