May Supermoon: Don’t miss the last Supermoon of 2020 – Super Flower Moon


This year’s last super moon will appear on Thursday, May 7th, 2020. The moon will appear full for about 2 – 3 days around this time, i.e., from Tuesday evening to Friday morning.


A super moon is a full moon or new moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of perigree (Perigree is its closest distance to the earth in an orbit). The May full moon is called a Flower Moon. Its name signifies the many wildflowers flowers that bloom in May in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also called Corn Planting Moon, the Vesak Festival Moon, and Milk Moon. The Flower Moon is the last in the series of four supermoons this year, which had previously occurred in February, March and April.

The moon will be 361,184 km away from the earth on May 7.


Supermoons are 7% bigger than the average-size full moon and 15% brighter than usual. For Super Flower Moon, the peak illumination will be at 6:45 AM EDT on Thursday ( 7:45 AM ADT, 5:45 AM CDT, 4:45 AM MDT, 3:45 AM PDT, 2:45 AM )

But Sun will be up by then, so the best time to watch the supermoon is before sunrise on Thursday morning or Wednesday evening as the moon will appear full for about 3 days this time.

Even if most of us as staying at home these days, there’s still a good chance of seeing this spectacular phenomenon. If you have an east-facing (north-east) window/balcony with a clear view of the sky, you can a good view of the moonrise. People with west-facing windows can catch the moonset in the morning.

In case, you are not able to view it because of the clouds, tune into the Virtual Telescope Project’s live feed of the moon rising over the Rome skyline. The live streaming will start at 11:30 AM PDT (2:30 PM EDT) on Thursday.

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