50 Foot Long Megalodon and Dozens of Animatronic Dinosaurs Will Be Roaming Prairies This Spring

imageThe traveling exhibit of life-size dinosaurs will be returning to tour Prairies this spring. Jurassic Quest will be bringing over 50 true-to-life size dinosaurs in realistic settings to arenas across Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

Jurassic Quest is an interactive experience that takes you through time from the Middle Triassic to the Late Cretaceous Era with the help of museum quality and animatronic dinosaurs!

At Jurassic Quest, you’ll meet and interact with Baby Dinosaurs and adolescent Walking Dinosaurs. Our guests can dig up fossils like a real paleontologist, they can ride on the back of a huge 24ft T. Rex, or the spiky, overgrown, Carnotaurus among others. The returning exhibition will feature an all-new ancient oceans exhibit with a 50 foot long Megalodon.


Visitors can wander through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and interact with dinosaurs made in collaboration with leading paleontologists. There are countless dinosaur themed rides throughout the event and a Dinosaur Petting Zoo where little ones can pet dinosaurs that are more their size. Little Questers can even do crafts and explore Dino Science stations, Visit the fossil area in Dinosaur Museum and see real dinosaur fossils dating back over 60 million years.

According to the organisers, each dinosaur is very detailed down to the scaly skin and sharp tooth. In addition to the viewing the dinosaurs, you can ride on a 24ft T. Rex, or the spiky, Carnotaurus.

Tour Dates


Credit: Jurassic Quest

  • Calgary: May 9-10 & May 15-18, 2020 @ BMO Centre at Stampede Park
  • Saskatoon: May 22, 23, 24, 2020 @ Prairieland Park
  • Edmonton:May 29-31 & June 5-7, 2020 @ Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Winnipeg: June 12-14 & 19-21, 2020 @ RBC Convention Centre
  • Regina: July 3-5, 2020 @ International Trade Centre

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