Experience Ballet By The Ocean in New Brunswick


Credit: Ballet By The Ocean

Isn’t there something just so calming and awe-inspiring about ballet? The swift, yet graceful movements, the elegance portrayed in every move. Now just imagine that feeling is amplified. Imagine you’re sitting by the ocean, hearing the sound of waves crashing against the shore as you feel the cool summer breeze against your skin? Isn’t the thought of that just making you feel so relaxed and content?


Now, what if I told you I could make that image in your head a reality? Hopefully, you’re as excited as I am because I’ve got great news for you! the Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is hosting a summer fundraiser where you get to enjoy ballet by the ocean!

You can even bring your own chair and a blanket to get cozy! If you’re worried about Covid-19, fear not, this event is a socially distanced outdoor event.

The main purpose of the fundraiser is to help the dancers and the staff of the Atlantic Ballet during these uncertain and perilous times. This will also help the organization fund its youth education programs. There are also plans to hold Ballet By The Ocean regularly during the next year.

The fundraiser began from 17th July 2020, and includes a three-hour fun-filled event and will continue throughout this summer.

The performance is specially choreographed by Igor Dobrovolskiy for the beautiful grassy green southeast shores of New Brunswick.


If you’re still not as pumped as I am about this event, you should be because they’ve organized a local food tasting with Chef Emmanuel Charretier in partnership with the Bouctouche Farmer’s Market. This means you’ll get to taste scrumptious specialties of the region, all of which were made, grown and cultivated in New Brunswick.

The event is located at Grand Digue, New Brunswick and you can get more information about the location from their website. It is an incredible event to attend with your friends and family. However, if you don’t want to miss out on this spectacular summer event you should book your tickets at least four days before the event. The tickets are available on their website and cost $149.54.

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