Extend CERB and Provide Paid Sick Leave If You Want Our Votes, Singh Tells Trudeau


Gov. Gen. Julie Payette watches a livestream of the proceedings before reading the speech from the throne in the Senate chamber in Ottawa, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his party hasn’t decided whether it can vote to support the minority Liberal government’s throne speech.

He says he wants to see the Liberals to abandon plans to phase out the $500-a-week Canada Emergency Response Benefit for those thrown out of work by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a promise to provide workers paid sick leave.

Singh wouldn’t say clearly whether those are conditions for backing the Liberals in a confidence vote on the speech, which will come after a debate in the House of Commons.

The Conservatives say they won’t support the program laid out in the speech delivered by Gov. Gen. Julie Payette this afternoon and the Bloc Québécois is angry over what it considers plans to intrude in provincial jurisdiction, likely leaving the fate of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government in the NDP’s hands.

Singh says the speech, promising everything from help for provinces to expand their COVID-19 testing capacity to action against systemic racism, is full of nice words but he wants concrete commitments.

He says he wants a bill before Parliament on extending the CERB and providing sick leave.


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    1. Ron H Fichtner

      Junior will agree to anything the NDP want as that is his only hope of retaining power. But really is Junior in power if all he can do is implement NDP policy?

      September 23, 2020 at 6:53 PM
    2. Jason

      That fellow in the funny hat has totally won me over. (but do still consider losing the funny hat, you’re in Canada now)

      September 24, 2020 at 1:26 AM

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