Find Half a Million Dollars in Hidden Cash in These Canadian Cities

Treasure hunt games with large amounts of cash seem to be the rage now! You probably must have heard about the treasure hunt game that had city residents go on a treasure hunt in the cities of Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, where $100,000 in real gold and silver was buried within city limits.

If you want to add a murder mystery component, then join for the ultimate real life combination of murder mystery & treasure hunt organised by Gold Rush Canada.

According to the organisers, half a million dollars will be buried in cities of Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. The contest starts in Ottawa and the organisers are promising a minimum of $80,000 in the City of Ottawa.


  1. Buy treasure map which will be emailed you on the morning on the event date.
  2. Decode the map with the clues in the short film – “Who murdered the Boss” . Participants will move around the city to solve riddles/puzzles and discover clues that will lead them to the hidden cash treasure.
  3. Find the treasure before other 4999 contestants. Only 5000 maps per city will be released.


What: A combination of murder mystery & treasure hunt to find a combined total of 500K in various Canadian Cities.

Who: All ages but geared towards a 18+ audience. Parental discretion is advised.

How: Buy maps + see video and solve clues.

Map: $29

Map and bonus clues: $49

Where: Maps are released on

  • Ottawa: July 27th
  • Montreal: August 24
  • Vancouver: Aug 31
  • Calgary: Sept 7
  • Edmonton:Sept 14
  • Toronto: Sept 21

For more information, see the website.

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