Fun Things to Do in Regina Area During COVID-19 Saskatchewan Reopening Phase

As Saskatchewan is officially in Phase 3 of the reopening plan, we can now enjoy various attractions and parks in and around Regina.

Here is a list of activities to enjoy in the Regina Area.

For online & drive-in/in-person and virtual events, see things to do this weekend in Regina.

1. Enjoy Nature Parks & Areas

2. Go Fishing

While Regina is far from the northern lakes in the province that are known to be excellent sport fishing destinations, there are still plenty of really great spots within a few hours of Regina.

3. Go Boating

Enjoy canoeing & kayaking in ponds, lakes & rivers. Boat launches at Provincial Parks (as ice conditions and normal operating conditions allow) will be open. Wascana Centre is open to enjoy canoeing or kayaking. You can rent a canoe from Wascana Canoe Kayak rentals.

4. Play Sports

  • Regina has a number of multi-use pathways that you can take advantage of. Go walking, running, cycling, and more.
  • Head to the beach to enjoy swimming and other fun activities.
  • All City-owned golf courses; Book tee timesin advance.
  • Challenge your sibling to a match as City tennis and pickleball courts.
  • All indoor recreation facilities are closed.
  • Playgrounds, skateboard parks, picnic sites and basketball courts, BMX park, Douglas Park Track will be open from June 12
  • Regina’s spray parks are open

5. Watch a Movie

Drive-in Theatres are open in Saskatchewan. Watch a movie under the stars!

6. Enjoy a Quarantine Concert

There are many free concerts live-streamed every day. Check them out.

7. Enjoy Live Theatre from around the World

With COVID-19 pandemic forcing theatres to shut their doors, many performing art centres have taken to being open virtually.

8. Explore Canada or the World From Home

Explore Canada’s arctic, Winnipeg, National Parks and many more places from Home. Travel to international or outer space destinations like the international space station, discover Egypt’s Heritage Sites from tombs to monasteries or take a trip on scenic trains in Europe virtually.

9. Enjoy in Person Events

Summer Bash Drive-in Movie Nights
10 Jun

3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina

June 10, 2020 To July 11, 2020


$10 - $20

Summer Bash has your summer entertainment covered with our drive-in movie nights, complete with all of your favourites: movies, snacks, contests, and more!  »

10. Explore Regina / Saskatchewan

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