List of Alberta Provincial Parks’ Day-Use Area Picnic Sites where Liquor Consumption is Permitted

imageFrom 12:00 p.m. of June 28, 2019, visitors can enjoy liquor consumption with food in 14 of the province’s day-use area picnic sites.

The select sites feature about 200 picnic tables between them, and are located in all regions of the province.


All approved day-use area picnic sites will include signage indicating permitted liquor consumption from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Day-use area picnic sites where liquor is permitted with food:

South Region

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park (Beaver Creek day use)
Cypress Hills Provincial Park (East Elkwater day use)
Dinosaur Provincial Park (main day use)

Kananaskis Country

Little Elbow Provincial Recreation Area (Forget-me-not Pond day use)
Spray Valley Provincial Park (Wedge Pond day use)
Fish Creek Provincial Park (Hulls Wood day use)
Cobble Flats Provincial Recreation Area (Cobble Flats day use)

Central Region

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park (main day use)
Pigeon Lake Provincial Park (main day use)
William A. Switzer Provincial Park (Kelly’s Bathtub day use)

Northeast Region

Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park (day-use C picnic shelter)
Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area (day-use picnic shelter
Whitney Lakes Provincial Park (Ross Lake day-use shelter)


Saskatoon Island Provincial Park (main day use)

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