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Best things to Do in Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Standing beneath a towering hoodoo with a cactus at your feet, it’s easy to imagine a time when dinosaurs roamed the area. At Dinosaur Provincial Park, history is rediscovered every day and you’re invited to join in.

Located about half an from Brooks, this place is a must visit if you are visiting Alberta. Camp, tour, and explore all that Dinosaur Provincial Park has to offer. There is so much to see and do at Dinosaur Provincial Park that in order to truly enjoy the entire extent of the park you should be prepared to stay a day or two.


Things to Do at Dinosaur Provincial Park

Outdoor Fossil Displays: Two interpretive displays allow you to see what a dig site really looks like. Check out the bones of a “duck-billed” dinosaur still partially encased in the sediment that buried them. Or, visit the recreation of paleontological quarry, modelled after a real dig site right in the park.

Hiking Trails: Explore the park on foot on one of five self-guided interpretive hiking trails open year round. Discover historical dig sites and unworldly views as you travel the trails.

Paddling the Red Deer River: View the park from a new angle: from the river. Head upstream to access the river from Steveville Bridge Campground and then paddle by the park to experience this little-seen view. Plan ahead for renting canoes or kayaks if necessary as there are no rentals available in the park.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Badlands Photography: The Alberta landscape in the park takes on an unusual – almost eerie – quality to it. Capture the beautiful badlands at sunset or from a different angle for that perfect pic.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Park is a place of active exploration. Over 150 fossilized skeletons have been unearthed from the area, and it’s still an active dig site. Maybe you’ll be witness to history being rediscovered! If you want to access the Natural Preserve, you will have to join for guided interpretive programs.

Dinosaur Provincial Park Excavation

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Fossil Prospecting Guided Tour: Unearth history yourself! With so many dinos under the earth, there’s always a good chance of finding something. And taking one of the Park’s tours just increases the odds of contributing to history. There are many options including walking tours and bus tours with hours varying from 2 bus tours hours to full day hikes and excavations.

John Ware Cabin: Learn the legacy of John Ware: Alberta’s famous black cowboy that changed the face of ranching in the province. His cabin has been preserved in the park with interpretive displays.

Public Loop Road Area: This is the area of the park where you can explore off the path to your heart’s content. Scramble on hoodoos, climb coulees, and explore nooks and crannies.


Cretaceous Cafe: All your exploring will make your stomach, well, roar! Where else to grab a bite than at the Cretaceous Cafe? And where else would you find a place to eat with that kind of name than in the Park?

Comfort Camping: Like the great outdoors, but sleeping in a tent is not your cup of tea? Comfort camping, equipped with bedding, a fridge, and a heater, can be reserved so you can get the parts you enjoy out of a night in the Park without the aspects that make you stay home.



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Dinosaur Provincial Park is located in Newell County, 48 km northeast of Brooks and 18 km from the village of Patricia.

Hours: The park is open year round.


Guided Tours: You must reserve online as the tours are always in high demand and might sell out. The guided in depth tours are available from April to October. Select guided walks are also available in winter where you experience some amazing winter scenery, fossils, and wildlife.

Get in touch:

Visitor Centre Phone: 403-378-4342 Extension 235

Guided Tours: (403)-378-4344

Campsite, Group Camp, and Comfort Camping Reservations : Toll Free: 1–877–537–2757

General Provincial Park Information: Toll Free: 1–866–427–3582/ Phone: (780) 427–3582

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