Mattel Recognises Canadian Doctor with One-of-a-Kind Barbie Doll Made in Her Likeness


CNW Group/Mattel Canada

Mattel is introducing a new Barbie doll made in the likeness of a Canadian frontline medical worker who has worked tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Part of Barbie’s ongoing global initiative called the Dream Gap Project, which introduces girls to women’s stories from all walks of life to show them they can be anything, the new doll represents Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa.


Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa, a psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto is an accomplished spoken word poet, whose work has recognized the importance of children’s mental health and systemic racism in the healthcare system. She is also recognized for her contributions as a frontline medical worker during the pandemic.

Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa said in a statement, “I remember playing with Barbie as a young girl and imagining them as having the careers I aspired towards, even if the dolls weren’t dressed like that career.”

“Imagining that they were doctors and writers and performers allowed me to live out my dreams at an early age and to explore all the possibilities available to me. I am truly honoured to be a Barbie Role Model and I hope that I can inspire the next generation of girls to set goals and work hard to reach their limitless potential.”

The Canadian doctor joins the team of six role models worldwide who have made a positive impact in their communities, inspiring current and future generations for years to come.

The global lineup of women honoured with a one-of-a-kind doll includes Emergency Room nurse Amy O’Sullivan and Dr. Audery Cruz from the United States, Professor of vaccinology Sarah Gilbert from United Kingdom, Brazilian biomedical researcher Dr. Jaqueline Goes de Jesus and Australian general practitioner Dr. Kirby White.

Barbie is also introducing the Fast Cast Clinic™ playset, with a Barbie doctor doll and four distinct play areas: a medical station, an exam table, an x-ray machine and a gift shop. The innovative new set includes dough that can be shaped to create leg/arm casts and create wraps with the bandage maker, allowing children to play out roles across the medical field. With dough containers to create casts, a set of crutches and over 30+ pieces, the Fast Cast Clinic playset is available at major retailers for $74.99.


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