Must Listen: Calgary & Edmonton Philharmonic Musicians Play Orchestral Concert in Self-Isolation

imageCalgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra have created CPO + ESO Quarantine 2020 Project to make physical distancing and mandatory stay at home orders easier. CPO + ESO Quarantine 2020 Project is an online collaboration featuring musicians from the Calgary Philharmonic and Edmonton Symphony that resulted in a beautiful performance dedicated to the people everywhere.

The collaboration’s first performance was Elgar’s Nimrod Variation IX from the Enigma Variations which was conducted to wish health and care to the people of Alberta, and around the world.


Conductor: Janna Sailor
Flute: Sara Hahn-Scinocco, Stephanie Morin
Oboe: Elisabeth Mellinger, Dan Waldron
Clarinet: Juilianne Scott
Bassoon: Bianca Chambul, Michael Hope
Horn: Robert Mccosh, Jennifer Frank Umana, Heather Wootton, Maxwell Stein
Trumpet: Adam Zinatelli, Matthew Ross
Bone: Dave Reid
Tuba: Tom McCaslin
Timpani: Alex Alexander Cohen
Violin: Donovan Seidle, Erica Hudson, John Lowry
Violin: Stephanie Soltice-Johnson, Adriana Lebedovich, Erin Burkholder, Steve Steven J. Lubiarz, Craig Hutchenreuther
Viola: Arthur Bachman, Clayton Leung

Cello: Rafael Hoekman, Meran Currie-Roberts
Keyboard: Patrick Staples, Trish Beretti-Reid, Matt Heller
Project leads: Donovan Seidle, Adriana Lebedovich, Genevieve Micheletti


The group is also planning a behind-the-scenes look at horn, bass, and trumpet practice (and more) from home. You can follow their Facebook page to journey with them.

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